How To Use List Building Content

by Joe Fuller

You have to keep on list building. Some marketers might give the impression that you build a big list then that’s it. But whenever you email your list some people will unsubscribe. For that reason you have to have an on-going list building process.

Use your content creation, including articles, to do this. ‌You want content that allows people to see your credibility through your style of presentation, so they see you as someone they can trust. At least enough to click your link. So you have started developing credibility with them right from the beginning of first coming across you. This means less of an emphasis on starting from scratch in your emails as they are already partly pre-sold.

Here’s how to do this.

First, focus in your content on the problems and challenges of the people in your niche.

Second, at the end of your content put a link and telling them to click that link.

Third, publish unique content on high ranked sites where people in your niche go online. Create unique content for each time you publish.

Fourth, have your emails already done in your autoresponder. People will want more information relevant to what they saw in your original content.

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