Your Articles Give You Credibility

by Joe Fuller

Articles, and other content, qualify your website visitors as already having an interest in your ideas and style. It doesn’t matter if some people click away, because what you’re interested in getting is subscribers who will convert to buyers. Send a visitor to a squeeze page from your article, and they’ll likely sign up.

So, you’re qualifying people for your list and as customers. Focus on the numbers you gain, not those you lose.

Let’s say you start off, and you aim for 10 new sign ups to your list each day. One hundred people might take a look at, not necessarily read, your article on one day, but there are the much smaller number of 10 opt ins. In fact, the other 90 don’t matter, as you’ve got the 10 sign ups you wanted. The others are not qualified and probably would not have joined your list or become customers. You can forget about them.

Where does the credibility come in? The whole system from traffic generation with the articles, through sign ups, to conversion to customers is building credibility all the way through, right from that beginning with the article. For those who go through your content, credibility is already building.

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