Content Is The Basis Of Your Email Marketing

by Joe Fuller

Why do you bother writing emails? What’s the reason for it? We’re often told we need to do it to get a big list of subscribers, with all of them opening the emails, and then clicking the links. That’s fine in it’s way but not for a successful business. Does it matter how many subscribers you have, and the rest? Only as long it leads to subscribers becoming customers. Having numbers of your open rates, for example, is not as significant as how much your revenue is.

Why do people become purchasers of your products? Not open rates or click throughs. Behind that is the trust they have in you and your business. If you give them what they’re looking for, and they trust you, then they’ll buy from you.

So, the relationship to content. The content that people read or see from you allows people to begin to make a judgment about you, even before they sign up to your list. The process of selling relevant products to them has already begun, and this includes beginning to trust you. They won’t sign up otherwise. Use your content to prepare prospects to join your list and then become your customers.

Create articles or other content each day. Measure the results.

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