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Month: November, 2015

Be In Charge Of Your online Time

Most people seem to have a problem managing their time. This is especially so online. You can spend hours genuinely looking for information related to your online business, and yet be no further forward.

You have to manage your time online if you want to generate enough profits. People can waste so much time that they make hardly any progress at all.

Before you go online, draft out what you want to do in the time you’ve got. Decide on limits for doing tasks such as searching. Not finished tasks in that time? Then stop and decide to complete them another time but not now. Found something interesting? Copy and paste or record the web address or download it, so you can go through it later or another day.

Filter your emails. Deal with the key ones only, that you either need to read or give a reply to. Leave the rest and go onto business building tasks. Have you noticed how some people get some sort of notification when they get a new email? It’s a waste of your time if you stop what you’re doing to read it. It’s much more productive to keep focusing on the task in hand. Try closing down your email service while you work.

Set times for when you work online. If you do this haphazardly, such as a couple of hours here and there when you feel like it, you can’t get any continuity or momentum going. People who work this way go on like this for years with minimum progress or just eventually stop altogether.

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How To Use List Building Content

You have to keep on list building. Some marketers might give the impression that you build a big list then that’s it. But whenever you email your list some people will unsubscribe. For that reason you have to have an on-going list building process.

Use your content creation, including articles, to do this. ‌You want content that allows people to see your credibility through your style of presentation, so they see you as someone they can trust. At least enough to click your link. So you have started developing credibility with them right from the beginning of first coming across you. This means less of an emphasis on starting from scratch in your emails as they are already partly pre-sold.

Here’s how to do this.

First, focus in your content on the problems and challenges of the people in your niche.

Second, at the end of your content put a link and telling them to click that link.

Third, publish unique content on high ranked sites where people in your niche go online. Create unique content for each time you publish.

Fourth, have your emails already done in your autoresponder. People will want more information relevant to what they saw in your original content.

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Your Business Development With Content

Are you having problems extending the reach of your business? You want to increase the number of interested visitors to your site? You’ve probably bought some traffic and used some ads. You might be able to get lots of people to have a look but then they click away without subscribing or buying.

With content, such as articles, relevant to the people in your niche, and published on high ranked sites where those people go online, you have 2 effects.

One is that you get backlinks back to your website, or wherever you point them. Search engines use these to assess how popular a site is. They then rank most popular sites high on their search results.

The second effect is of your content being in search results. People can then click through from your content result to your site or wherever you send them. Searchers click because they see a relevance in your content to what they’re looking for. That is, the traffic is targeted.

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Your Articles Give You Credibility

Articles, and other content, qualify your website visitors as already having an interest in your ideas and style. It doesn’t matter if some people click away, because what you’re interested in getting is subscribers who will convert to buyers. Send a visitor to a squeeze page from your article, and they’ll likely sign up.

So, you’re qualifying people for your list and as customers. Focus on the numbers you gain, not those you lose.

Let’s say you start off, and you aim for 10 new sign ups to your list each day. One hundred people might take a look at, not necessarily read, your article on one day, but there are the much smaller number of 10 opt ins. In fact, the other 90 don’t matter, as you’ve got the 10 sign ups you wanted. The others are not qualified and probably would not have joined your list or become customers. You can forget about them.

Where does the credibility come in? The whole system from traffic generation with the articles, through sign ups, to conversion to customers is building credibility all the way through, right from that beginning with the article. For those who go through your content, credibility is already building.

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Content Is The Basis Of Your Email Marketing

Why do you bother writing emails? What’s the reason for it? We’re often told we need to do it to get a big list of subscribers, with all of them opening the emails, and then clicking the links. That’s fine in it’s way but not for a successful business. Does it matter how many subscribers you have, and the rest? Only as long it leads to subscribers becoming customers. Having numbers of your open rates, for example, is not as significant as how much your revenue is.

Why do people become purchasers of your products? Not open rates or click throughs. Behind that is the trust they have in you and your business. If you give them what they’re looking for, and they trust you, then they’ll buy from you.

So, the relationship to content. The content that people read or see from you allows people to begin to make a judgment about you, even before they sign up to your list. The process of selling relevant products to them has already begun, and this includes beginning to trust you. They won’t sign up otherwise. Use your content to prepare prospects to join your list and then become your customers.

Create articles or other content each day. Measure the results.

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