Effectively Repurpose Your Articles

by Joe Fuller

You’ve written lots of articles, or other content. It seems such a waste to leave it at that. How can you save yourself time and effort by using what you’ve already got?

Here’s how you can do it.

1 Create them as normal and publish each one on a high ranked website. That is, you only publish it once so it’s unique to that site. Of course, if you track your articles and find one website is producing much more traffic and subscribers than any other, you could give some focus to that site.

2 Keep the articles saved in a specific place on your computer.

3 To create a new ebook, gather articles together about the same subject, organize into a relevant order, and make any text changes. You can use them as freebies, or as paid products. However, paid ones are probably best written as new.

4 If you get stuck for email material, choose articles you’ve already written on a particular topic. You could even create an email course.

5 Convert your articles to audio or video. List the main ideas from them in order of importance and speak to that list, recording on audio, or on screen as you speak.

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