Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Website With Content

by Joe Fuller

If you are selling affiliate products you want to gain as much income as you can from your affiliate sales.

Are you sending visitors through your links and getting regular and big checks each month?

Most affiliates aren’t.

Instead, send them to your squeeze page. That way, when they sign up to your list, you’re able to link them to many affiliate products.

It’s much harder to generate higher conversion rates by just sending people one time to one particular sales page.

To achieve that you need to build a relationship with people on your list. That way, you develop trust and build on it over time.

They’re much more likely then to purchase a product when you recommend an affiliate product.

Make this work by sending people from an article or other piece of content you’ve created, to your squeeze page. Just like reading this article, if you’re interested in what I have to say, and if I send you to a squeeze page from a link, you’ll most likely join my list. If you’re not interested in it, you’ll click away.

When someone joins your list, give them a freebie, and then later more freebies and useful information. Also send them to your website, and to affiliate sales pages. Having built some trust, people will download some. This is different from just coming across a sales page by coincidence and not knowing anything about you.

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