Your Targeted Traffic Articles

by Joe Fuller

Here’s the puzzle about list building. You could use ads or joint ventures to grow your list. You could get lots of subscribers, and maybe have a big list.

The problem is these, and other methods, won’t necessarily provide you with people who buy from you. The purpose of a list is to build your business, not just have a big list.

When you create content, such as articles, you develop a different relationship with people.  Ask yourself, if you’re making the best money you can from your list if you have one.

What to do.

First, think of your average customer in your niche. Create content which is useful to them – articles are the easiest to produce. I said: customer. To have a business you must have profit. To do that you need customers. Too many people are obsessed about driving traffic as such. Leave them to it and concentrate on content that attracts the people who sign up to your list and then who become customers.

Second, publish those articles on high ranking websites. You need to publish a unique article each time to each website you use. This sounds a bit tough. But if you put the same content on different websites, the search engines will only pick the one that was published first. In other words, you’d be wasting your time. Put a link at the end to more unique content by you, or your squeeze page or a page on your website.

Third, this is the part many find the most difficult. Keep doing it on a daily basis.

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