The Power Of Links In Content

by Joe Fuller

Links back to your website, or other places, are still important in search marketing. The more links, especially from sites seen as having authority, the more your website is seen as being popular on the internet.

Yes, you can buy links, usually at some regular cost. But you’re putting your business into the hands of someone else, and their system. They often create too many links too fast, and the search engines pick up on this. Even if they work for you now, what guarantee is there they will in the future, or that the link provider will continue in business?

As with as much as possible in your business, you want to be able to control what happens.

Create your own links through your content. Of course, you are spending your time rather than money. Everything has a cost of some sort. It’s also a slow build process, not a quick fix as link sellers usually tell you.

Create content for your niche which is focused on some part or aspect of it. Put a link to your website, or wherever you want to send the prospect. You can use a keyword the same as that included to where you’re sending them. This can increase how popular that keyword, is related to your site. Another point of view is that you’ll be using relevant keywords anyway in your content, so there’s no need to be so concerned about them. They may  be seen as a distraction from getting other work done.

Place a unique piece of content on high ranked sites. The link gives a backlink to your site, or wherever it’s pointed.

Obviously, these backlinks are financially free compared to paying another business for them.

One thing: this is a slower process, and you do have to create content at an above average rate, or over a longer period of time. Writing is quickest for this, unless you’re well versed in audio and video creation. Although, all formats could be used.

The biggest challenge is actually taking action and doing it.

Writing Articles Does Not Have To Be Hard