Create Content For Targeted Visitors

by Joe Fuller

Marketing with content is focused on getting people to your website, or wherever you send them, who are qualified through their interest and needs. That is, they are already qualified when they arrive at your site.

Once someone clicks through from your content, it shows they’re attracted to the way you present it and the subject you’ve given information about.

These are powerful effects.

Also, it’s their entry into your funnel of products, even though you might not offer them a paid product until quite bit later in the process. Think of it the opposite way, too. Those who don’t click for more information from you are probably not going to be suitable future subscribers or customers for you. This is ok, and not a loss to you, as you only want people who will buy from you. Those who don’t click through can hopefully find someone else who suits them better.

The contrast with someone arriving at your site from an ad such as Adwords or a banner is that there will be many who are just curious to see where it leads. You’re completely anonymous to them. But having experienced some of your content, those people already know a little about you as a marketer. It’s a key difference.