Using Your Content To Boost Your Marketing

by Joe Fuller

There are many ways of doing internet marketing. But the most important aspect of all of them is getting visitors who are qualified.

If you end up with masses of traffic but none of it qualified, you’ll have few sign ups and even fewer, if any, customers.

An excellent way to do this is through using useful and valuable content.

Why is it so good? Think about it. Someone reads, sees, or hears your content, and then clicks a link to where you want to send them. They do that because they lkie your style of presentation as well as the content. They’re already motivated to find out more.

If you send them to a squeeze page and they opt in to your list, you can send them more content through your emails. If they hadn’t liked the content they could have easily clicked away to continue their search.

Try this.

First, create articles or other content, related to your niche. Include a link to more information or your website.

Second, place the content on high ranking sites. Only unique content in each case.

Third, when it’s published there, visitors to that site consume it, and if they find it useful they click the link.

How Do Articles Affect Rankings