Subscribers Must Be Buyers

by Joe Fuller

If you start a business online and build your list but few buy from you, there’s no point in having a list.

First, have a relationship with your subscribers, and then sell to them. You continue to do both as you go on.

How to keep developing and nurturing the relationship and at the same time have them buy as much as possible from you.

Think of the process from the other way. You mus have a sales letter you send them to that converts visitors to customers. Before that, your emails have to ensure they click any links that take them to sales pages. Of course, if you send only sales emails, people will stop opening emails or unsubscribe.

If your process works well and you get an unsubscribe, it’s nothing to worry about. You want only buyers on your list, and this includes people who want to read your next email every time.

You want subscribers who are waiting for your next email. Give them lots of free and very valuable information, so when you include a link they will click it. Then, where they get to must also be very useful to them. They expect excellent value and they know you will provide it. On top of that, they need to feel that if they opt out they’ll be missing out on lots of important information and offers.

Email Is Necessity In Your Online Business