Doing Your First Emails

by Joe Fuller

You must have an autoresponder for your online business success. But then the big problem is getting started with messages to your subscribers.

Some suggestions for when you do the first ones.

The first one your subscribers receive needs to say thanks for signing up, together with the link to the freebie they signed up for. Even if you did not promise them a freebie at all, still send them one. Your aim is to develop a trusting relationship with them by providing value for them.

The second one has information so useful it will build on the value of the first one and so persuade them it’s worth opening future emails from you. Do not try to promote a product. You could give useful tips they can put into practice straight away.

In the the third one, give them another freebie, one they weren’t expecting. It can be your own or a product someone else has created. It’s best not to send them to download something free at someone else’s site because you don’t want them signing up to another list, which weakens the value you’re providing, and could prove a distraction from your relationship building.

Put as much value as you can into the fourth one, by suggesting your own product or one by someone else you’ve found valuable in your own business.

Your List Building Relationships