Simple List Building Now

by Joe Fuller

Want to build a list? Want to build it fast? Keep reading.

First, obviously you have to have your own website. If necessary, you need to sort that out first. You cannot depend on somebody else’s site, or be inside someone else’s system, and build your own list properly. Set up a WordPress site with a few clicks in your hosting account.

Second, also obviously but is still useful to repeat, you have to have an autoresponder. You have to be able to depend on it. You can’t build your list without an autoresponder.

Third, have a squeeze page that converts visitors to subscribers, and get your traffic to it. It’s only reason for existence is to get subscribers to your list.

Fourth, find a way of generating that traffic. Try out different methods until you find one that suits you and your business. For example, create content in different formats that your niche wants and give it away, with links to your squeeze page.

Fifth, keep sending your subscribers valuable information so that they want to see your next email after each email they read. If not, they will stop opening them or unsubscribe.

Here Are 5 Ways To List Build