Make The Most Of Any Affiliate Business

by Joe Fuller

When you have a list reading each of your emails, it means they trust you. You can make money by promoting affiliate products.

Making the most of affiliate sales.

First, you must have that trust. Grow that trust and keep it by always offering them the best products you can. Even a free product needs to meet this criteria. Just because you can offer it to them for free doesn’t mean it should be less than the best for them. In other words, they must accept that anything you recommend is the best, providing them with excellent value.

Second, therefore choose affiliate product owners that provide offers with value for your list. The products need to be relatively cheap in cost but have excellent value. For example, a product that could sell for $197 but costs your list only $47. Not the other way round. Ask yourself: does this product provide the best value I can find, to my list.

Third, the affiliate sales letter has to convert visitors to buyers. Make sure it’s converting at one percent or better.

Fourth, send your list a mixture of higher and lower cost products. Why? Because your list is made up of individuals. For instance, some will never spend more than $10 on a product, others will never spend less than $100. Your aim is to satisfy all your subscribers.

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