How To Build That List You Need

by Joe Fuller

You need a subscriber list. It’s the most important part of your business. You can do without a site and even your products if they disappeared overnight. But as long as yu have your list you can begin again straight away with a new site and new products.

Do the following.

First, choose a niche that the emails will be about. Keep separate lists for different niches or different sub-niches in the same large niche. For example, in internet marketing, you could have a list about converting visitors to subscribers, and another list about converting subscribers to customers. You therefore also send people on your lists to different relevant product offers. If you send both lists to an offer about converting visitors to subscribers, the first list will probably easily out-buy the second list. That is, target your offers to particular lists. In fact, the more your subscribers are split into more narrow sub-niches, the better responses you should get.

Second, create a squeeze page which is particular for each list. For instance, following the example above: the first list squeeze page would say something like: “Build your list in record time and beat your competition”. The second squeeze page might have: ” Sell products faster and easier than you ever imagined”. Of course, if you have links available on your content for two squeeze pages, some people will sign up to both.

Third, send traffic to the squeeze page. You might have a great squeeze page but if nobody goes there you won’t have a list. You might pay for traffic. You might think you’re saving yourself time – and, of course, it might work really well for you. But it’s like sending cold traffic to a sales page in that people click links but probably won’t buy all that well. They need to have some knowledge of you. Creating content, with links at the end of it, enables people to get a feel for you style and attitude. Their interest, if they click the link, is more targeted. In which case, they’re more likely to buy later through your emails.

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