Email Marketing For Profits Generation

by Joe Fuller

Can you have an online business without email marketing? You can. But is it as profitable as when you have included email marketing?

You’ll have seen the reason to have email campaigns. People don’t buy at the first time they are exposed to your product. You need to be able to offer it to them several times before that happens.

Suppose you have a hundred people visit your website. On average, one person buys your product.

But suppose you send people to your squeeze page. That is purely to let people sign up to your list. There’s no selling. Instead of a sale, you get 40 subscribers to your list.

Now, of those subscribers, let’s say you convert 3 of them to buyers. And you do this each and every month. The numbers increase month to month. If 3 buy in the first month, you’ll have six buyers in the second month, and so on.

You can do this with subscribers you’re marketing to repeatedly.

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