Your Having An Autoresponder Is A Necessity

by Joe Fuller

I know you’ve probably read or been told you need to have an autoresponder. But so many people misunderstand why they need one and its purpose.

Here’s what happens in your business when you haven’t got one. Maybe you’ve not long set up your website and have experienced this. A visitor comes to your site, looks around, but doesn’t make a purchase. They leave. You’ve only had that one opportunity to show them your offer. They’ll probably never return. It could be there are plenty of of other similar products to buy.

Now imagine you have an autoresponder set up and a squeeze page where that same visitor can subscribe to it. They like what they’ve seen but don’t want to buy from you immediately. They don’t know you. But they’d like to see more information from you. So they sign up. Now, over time, you can make that same offer to them over and over again.

Think of your own experience. You read a sales letter, and make no purchase. But at a later date you’re wondering where that was because now you think you might take up the offer. You look for that product but don’t find it. Instead you buy a similar one. That is, from the competition.

With an autoresponder your prospects need not have that experience. You can repeatedly, if necessary, send them to the offer. Of course, it might be months later before any one subscriber buys the product you first showed them. But if you hadn’t kept in touch with them, they wouldn’t have bought it at all. Your competitor would have that person as a customer.

It’s a no brainer really, to have an autoresponder.

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