The Best Way To Online Business Success

by Joe Fuller

What I give in this article is the way most people making a good income from their online business are doing it. Have a look for yourself. There’s little chance of doing so using a cookie cutter process.

Here’s the reason. Imagine you have a process that works really well and is making you lots of money. You sell that process to 100 others. What’s the effect of that?

First, ten buyers only will use it.

Second, those ten are now each others’ competitor.

Third, they only get a small fraction of your success with it because now there’s this competition.

Therefore, you’ve made a profit out of selling it. But the buyers probably won’t, or make a very small amount compared to you.

Here’s what to do.

First, don’t just copy what somebody else is doing. Create your own complete system with it’s own strategy, tactics, processes, products, and so on.

Second, build your list filled with people who like and are attracted to your ideas and style of business practice.

Third, produce products which are yours, unique or original to you. You’ll have much greater income from your own product than trying to sell a replica of somebody else’s.

Fourth, have a funnel of products to sell them, one after the other.

Fifth, keep repeating this process.

I’m not suggesting it’s easy. But it is straightforward.

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