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Month: October, 2015

Effectively Repurpose Your Articles

You’ve written lots of articles, or other content. It seems such a waste to leave it at that. How can you save yourself time and effort by using what you’ve already got?

Here’s how you can do it.

1 Create them as normal and publish each one on a high ranked website. That is, you only publish it once so it’s unique to that site. Of course, if you track your articles and find one website is producing much more traffic and subscribers than any other, you could give some focus to that site.

2 Keep the articles saved in a specific place on your computer.

3 To create a new ebook, gather articles together about the same subject, organize into a relevant order, and make any text changes. You can use them as freebies, or as paid products. However, paid ones are probably best written as new.

4 If you get stuck for email material, choose articles you’ve already written on a particular topic. You could even create an email course.

5 Convert your articles to audio or video. List the main ideas from them in order of importance and speak to that list, recording on audio, or on screen as you speak.

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Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Website With Content

If you are selling affiliate products you want to gain as much income as you can from your affiliate sales.

Are you sending visitors through your links and getting regular and big checks each month?

Most affiliates aren’t.

Instead, send them to your squeeze page. That way, when they sign up to your list, you’re able to link them to many affiliate products.

It’s much harder to generate higher conversion rates by just sending people one time to one particular sales page.

To achieve that you need to build a relationship with people on your list. That way, you develop trust and build on it over time.

They’re much more likely then to purchase a product when you recommend an affiliate product.

Make this work by sending people from an article or other piece of content you’ve created, to your squeeze page. Just like reading this article, if you’re interested in what I have to say, and if I send you to a squeeze page from a link, you’ll most likely join my list. If you’re not interested in it, you’ll click away.

When someone joins your list, give them a freebie, and then later more freebies and useful information. Also send them to your website, and to affiliate sales pages. Having built some trust, people will download some. This is different from just coming across a sales page by coincidence and not knowing anything about you.

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Your Targeted Traffic Articles

Here’s the puzzle about list building. You could use ads or joint ventures to grow your list. You could get lots of subscribers, and maybe have a big list.

The problem is these, and other methods, won’t necessarily provide you with people who buy from you. The purpose of a list is to build your business, not just have a big list.

When you create content, such as articles, you develop a different relationship with people.  Ask yourself, if you’re making the best money you can from your list if you have one.

What to do.

First, think of your average customer in your niche. Create content which is useful to them – articles are the easiest to produce. I said: customer. To have a business you must have profit. To do that you need customers. Too many people are obsessed about driving traffic as such. Leave them to it and concentrate on content that attracts the people who sign up to your list and then who become customers.

Second, publish those articles on high ranking websites. You need to publish a unique article each time to each website you use. This sounds a bit tough. But if you put the same content on different websites, the search engines will only pick the one that was published first. In other words, you’d be wasting your time. Put a link at the end to more unique content by you, or your squeeze page or a page on your website.

Third, this is the part many find the most difficult. Keep doing it on a daily basis.

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The Power Of Links In Content

Links back to your website, or other places, are still important in search marketing. The more links, especially from sites seen as having authority, the more your website is seen as being popular on the internet.

Yes, you can buy links, usually at some regular cost. But you’re putting your business into the hands of someone else, and their system. They often create too many links too fast, and the search engines pick up on this. Even if they work for you now, what guarantee is there they will in the future, or that the link provider will continue in business?

As with as much as possible in your business, you want to be able to control what happens.

Create your own links through your content. Of course, you are spending your time rather than money. Everything has a cost of some sort. It’s also a slow build process, not a quick fix as link sellers usually tell you.

Create content for your niche which is focused on some part or aspect of it. Put a link to your website, or wherever you want to send the prospect. You can use a keyword the same as that included to where you’re sending them. This can increase how popular that keyword, is related to your site. Another point of view is that you’ll be using relevant keywords anyway in your content, so there’s no need to be so concerned about them. They may  be seen as a distraction from getting other work done.

Place a unique piece of content on high ranked sites. The link gives a backlink to your site, or wherever it’s pointed.

Obviously, these backlinks are financially free compared to paying another business for them.

One thing: this is a slower process, and you do have to create content at an above average rate, or over a longer period of time. Writing is quickest for this, unless you’re well versed in audio and video creation. Although, all formats could be used.

The biggest challenge is actually taking action and doing it.

Writing Articles Does Not Have To Be Hard

Create Content For Targeted Visitors

Marketing with content is focused on getting people to your website, or wherever you send them, who are qualified through their interest and needs. That is, they are already qualified when they arrive at your site.

Once someone clicks through from your content, it shows they’re attracted to the way you present it and the subject you’ve given information about.

These are powerful effects.

Also, it’s their entry into your funnel of products, even though you might not offer them a paid product until quite bit later in the process. Think of it the opposite way, too. Those who don’t click for more information from you are probably not going to be suitable future subscribers or customers for you. This is ok, and not a loss to you, as you only want people who will buy from you. Those who don’t click through can hopefully find someone else who suits them better.

The contrast with someone arriving at your site from an ad such as Adwords or a banner is that there will be many who are just curious to see where it leads. You’re completely anonymous to them. But having experienced some of your content, those people already know a little about you as a marketer. It’s a key difference.

Writing Your Internet Marketing Articles

If you’re going to write articles, or any text based product, allow time in your working day to it, and do it consistently.

In internet marketing aim your writing at a particular aspect of it, such as product creation or email marketing. There are plenty of others.

How to do this?

First, have an exact aim. There is masses of generalized information on the internet. Sometimes even paid products area just as general. Give away your best information which is targeted at particular parts of internet marketing.

Second, people who read your material will be judging it as to its relevance in internet marketing, and its relevance to themselves. Therefore, give the reader information with something they find useful, and can get to work on in some way straight away after finishing it. If they can use it in this way, they’ll look for more from you, becoming your subscriber.

Third, keep your writing as easy as you can so it’s like you’re talking to the reader in a helpful way. They need to find your articles interesting too as well as useful. It’s best when they come across, or find, some content by you, recognize your name, and feel they want to read it.

Your Ebook Creation Steps

Using Your Content To Boost Your Marketing

There are many ways of doing internet marketing. But the most important aspect of all of them is getting visitors who are qualified.

If you end up with masses of traffic but none of it qualified, you’ll have few sign ups and even fewer, if any, customers.

An excellent way to do this is through using useful and valuable content.

Why is it so good? Think about it. Someone reads, sees, or hears your content, and then clicks a link to where you want to send them. They do that because they lkie your style of presentation as well as the content. They’re already motivated to find out more.

If you send them to a squeeze page and they opt in to your list, you can send them more content through your emails. If they hadn’t liked the content they could have easily clicked away to continue their search.

Try this.

First, create articles or other content, related to your niche. Include a link to more information or your website.

Second, place the content on high ranking sites. Only unique content in each case.

Third, when it’s published there, visitors to that site consume it, and if they find it useful they click the link.

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Subscribers Must Be Buyers

If you start a business online and build your list but few buy from you, there’s no point in having a list.

First, have a relationship with your subscribers, and then sell to them. You continue to do both as you go on.

How to keep developing and nurturing the relationship and at the same time have them buy as much as possible from you.

Think of the process from the other way. You mus have a sales letter you send them to that converts visitors to customers. Before that, your emails have to ensure they click any links that take them to sales pages. Of course, if you send only sales emails, people will stop opening emails or unsubscribe.

If your process works well and you get an unsubscribe, it’s nothing to worry about. You want only buyers on your list, and this includes people who want to read your next email every time.

You want subscribers who are waiting for your next email. Give them lots of free and very valuable information, so when you include a link they will click it. Then, where they get to must also be very useful to them. They expect excellent value and they know you will provide it. On top of that, they need to feel that if they opt out they’ll be missing out on lots of important information and offers.

Email Is Necessity In Your Online Business

Doing Your First Emails

You must have an autoresponder for your online business success. But then the big problem is getting started with messages to your subscribers.

Some suggestions for when you do the first ones.

The first one your subscribers receive needs to say thanks for signing up, together with the link to the freebie they signed up for. Even if you did not promise them a freebie at all, still send them one. Your aim is to develop a trusting relationship with them by providing value for them.

The second one has information so useful it will build on the value of the first one and so persuade them it’s worth opening future emails from you. Do not try to promote a product. You could give useful tips they can put into practice straight away.

In the the third one, give them another freebie, one they weren’t expecting. It can be your own or a product someone else has created. It’s best not to send them to download something free at someone else’s site because you don’t want them signing up to another list, which weakens the value you’re providing, and could prove a distraction from your relationship building.

Put as much value as you can into the fourth one, by suggesting your own product or one by someone else you’ve found valuable in your own business.

Your List Building Relationships

Simple List Building Now

Want to build a list? Want to build it fast? Keep reading.

First, obviously you have to have your own website. If necessary, you need to sort that out first. You cannot depend on somebody else’s site, or be inside someone else’s system, and build your own list properly. Set up a WordPress site with a few clicks in your hosting account.

Second, also obviously but is still useful to repeat, you have to have an autoresponder. You have to be able to depend on it. You can’t build your list without an autoresponder.

Third, have a squeeze page that converts visitors to subscribers, and get your traffic to it. It’s only reason for existence is to get subscribers to your list.

Fourth, find a way of generating that traffic. Try out different methods until you find one that suits you and your business. For example, create content in different formats that your niche wants and give it away, with links to your squeeze page.

Fifth, keep sending your subscribers valuable information so that they want to see your next email after each email they read. If not, they will stop opening them or unsubscribe.

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