Your Online Success Through Action

by Joe Fuller

People are setting up online businesses all the time. Almost all of them fail. Money is lost, and they give up.

If you asked them why that was they would no doubt say it wasn’t because they failed to take action. The trouble is that even those who do take some action are not doing intensive and intentional action.

Intensive action is doing something with an intense feeling of just having to get it right and make it work.

Imagine you created one hundred pieces of content, and someone else created ten. Who would get more traffic and more subscribers? Were you to take part in 20 forums regularly, and the other person in one forum, who would get more clicks to their squeeze page or site?

In other words you have to take action beyond the average.

There is an additional advantage to this extra action. Your content is read, heard or viewed in many different places.

For example, someone sees your a piece of your content. They click your link and they go through to your website. Also, they’ve seen your name on other content they’ve come across or clicked to. If they download a freebie from you it enforces the recognition of you by them. Each time they see and consume your content, does the response rate to it go up? Yes, it does.

Think about the action you take.

Know Your Mindset In Order To Succeed