How To Use Forums For Your Traffic

by Joe Fuller

Forums are generally niche based, where people in that specific niche can ask and give replies to questions, and give support to other members.

You can use forums to get traffic to your website.

Here are some basic steps.

First, find the forums in your niche and any you could use related to your niche. However, make sure there’s enough activity going on to justify your spending time there.

Second, fill in your profile of all the these forums. Also, create a signature there with only your name and your website. Don’t try to sell anything in the profile.

Third, make an introduction. There’s usually a section for new people who’ve just joined, to do this. Have a positive comment. After giving your name, you could say you’re looking forward to sharing and communicating with other members in the forum. Do not do any more.

Fourth, log out. Return the next day.

Fifth, the next day start going through the sections and posts. If you think you’re stronger on one section then you could start there. Look for people asking questions. If you know an answer then give it. Maybe you have questions to ask, too.

Sixth, set aside time in each day to do this. It might only be half an hour. It might be two hours. Stick to your time limit and don’t start wasting time there but be productive.

Traffic will start but be slow to build. Once people see you as an authority or that you have credibility or are trustworthy, or all three, that will change.

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