Your List Building And Relationships

by Joe Fuller

Have you started building your list yet? You might be getting subscribers every day. Your list is growing.

But you’re not getting $1 for each subscriber on the list. That being seen as  what each person who signs up should be worth to you.

This doesn’t happen automatically, as in get 1000 subscribers and expect an income of $1000 a month. A list is only a list. In fact, you could buy a list of millions, but don’t expect one million dollars a month soon.

The most important factor is not how many you have on the list but your relationship with them as people, not just names on a list. Whatever your relationship with them is, and if it doesn’t change, then it’s true that the bigger the list grows then your income should grow.

However, if your relationship with subscribers is virtually nothing, then your income will be the same.

Here are some basics.

The point is to be in communication with people on your list. If you ask for personal responses, that’s what you’ll get – not as the same for the whole list. The emails will be automated yet you need to keep them as personal as possible. Use their name. Write in their terms, using “you” and not something like “list”, or “gang” or “tribe” or “guys”, or “all”.

You need to know how exactly you can help them in your niche. You could guess, and will have to at first. Ask them about what they want help with or what they’re stuck on. Respond to some personally maybe and put your answers into later emails. This way a relationship develops.

Your income will grow with the relationship development.

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