Email Marketing Successful Actions

by Joe Fuller

Don’t make email marketing too complicated. Yes, it takes work. But there are only really 3 keys to ensuring success with it.

In brief, here they are.

First, it’s vital to build your own subscriber list. You don’t want a list you bought by the tens of thousands hoping you’ll make easy money. You won’t because the people on that list will have been marketed to by lots of other list buyers who bought the names on a list. Those people whose names you paid for won’t buy from you. They probably won’t even open your emails.

Start from scratch and build a list which is yours, unique to you. Develop a relationship with them. Then they’ll trust you and be willing to see what else you have to offer in your emails.

Second, make sure the emails you send them are the best you can do. If you’re on lots of people’s lists, how many do you actually read each day? Probably the ones from the same people each time. It isn’t just down to having the best subject line. You read emails from people with information you have found the most valuable to you. The subject line hardly matters. You found an email you read last time from a marketer, useful for you. So, you read the next one that comes from them. How many of your emails are opened and read depend on how good and relevant the information is to your subscribers.

Third, don’t try to sell in the email. Make a recommendation to them. If they’ve found you trustworthy so far, they’ll click the link. One way to develop trust is to only send to excellent products. They might even thank you for it.

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