6 Things You Must Not Do As You Start Your Business

by Joe Fuller

I’ll get straight into what you must avoid before you start up, or if you’re at the start of your online business.

First, using up your time trying to find out everything at once and end up with hours of learning each day, but no action. There are some people with masses of information that they need for their business in their niche, yet don’t take action on one thing. It is possible to over-prepare.

No matter you do, you have to make choices. Here’s my suggestion. Find one person or course that is for people starting up an online business. Follow the instructions exactly, even if you’ve no idea why you’re being told these are things to do. Avoid tweaking what is said but take the actions as are said. The effect will be amazing. You’ll have the basics, including experience, of building your business, plus some knowledge of what works from somebody who knows.

Second, not doing the marketing. See the above suggestion. Or begin to do things at some point in the business start up actions. For example, start with creating a product by guessing what people want in your niche, or start creating a list even if you’re uncertain what to do with it immediately, or try out some traffic methods and see what does and doesn’t work for you. When you have the first bit of your business started you can build from there. But if you never do anything, you still have nothing.

Third, not buying products when yu need to. Some people will drop out of this article now. I hope they can find someone who can help them further. I’ve suggested earlier about buying a course to find out what you need to know. There’s a lot to know about and it’s very often overload on information for many people. If you buy a course or help in some way, then you save all that time finding out for yourself, and all that hassle. You want to be building your business, not learning stuff all the time with no action.

Just look for the guarantee. If there isn’t one, don’t buy it. But also don’t just look through it, and think it’s too difficult or it’s too much for you to do. Push button riches don’t exist. If they did everybody would be rich.

Fourth, not getting the tools and services you need. Take traffic generation as an example. If you can’t afford, or don’t want to, buy traffic in some way, you need to get it for free. Except it isn’t free as it’s costing you your time. If you’re getting that free traffic through content marketing or search marketing, there comes a point when your time is better spent in other areas. So you have to pay to outsource what you were doing, so you can grow your business. Profits have to put back into the business.

Fifth, not being able to face failing. The most successful people have failed more than anybody else. Why? Because they’re willing to try things out to see if they work. There is no one perfect solution for everybody. You have to find your best traffic source, your best email sequence, your best sales page, and so on. You can only do that by testing out in these areas, which means you’re bound to have some failures.

Sixth, not testing and tracking what you’re doing. Your list on your autoresponder service is the core of your business as it’s basically where your buyers are. Use that service to track where people are coming from to subscribe, test your emails through their open rates and click throughs, and the purchases made. That way you also see where most of your customers are coming from originally.

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