The Powerhouse Of Taking Action

by Joe Fuller

The internet is full of dreamers. Some of them are also serious enough to find out about how to actually start an online business. But they get stuck in a rut – the rut of learning and doing nothing to create the business they want. Some people find out masses of information and never take action. They simply go on and on collecting information.

Some of them will have a ton of knowledge about, for example, writing email sequences. But they never write any. They always think there’s more they need to learn. But no money can be made until they have a way of building a list, and sending subscribers emails.

You must have a plan of some description. A plan that will at least lay out some basic actions you’ll take to begin with. Maybe you’d decide to create 2 articles a day, get traffic from forums by answering questions there daily, or maybe you’ll start with a website set up. Something is better than nothing, and you can always change it as you’re ideas develop working on your first actions. Ask yourself how much time you’ve spent reading your emails from other marketers maybe promoting their latest fast and easy method to online riches. Yet after all that time, you’re no further forward. In that same time you could have taken basic actions on your own online business. No action equals no results.

The best plan of action is to have laid out positive actions you’ll take each day. If you decide to start with a website, you can set up a WordPress blog with a few clicks using your host. You might want, then, to use each day for a week getting and installing plugins you want, and to begin creating content for your visitors. If you’re sending traffic through content marketing, you might create 2 pieces of content a day and publish them on free sites. It’s the same with any aspect of your business: decide what needs doing at that point in its development and how you’ll do something every day to achieve it.

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