Creating Your Ebook Fast

by Joe Fuller

Are you considering creating an ebook but the the thought of it just seems too daunting a task? When you look at what you need to do, you’re thinking it’ll takes weeks or months? On the other hand, have you already created one or more ebooks and you’re thinking back to how much time it took you?

Either way, here’s a process to get your ebook done quickly and to the standard you want.

First, what’s your subject going to be? Maybe you already know, so you can move on to the next stage. If you don’t know, make a list. Put everything down you know about the subject that you could inform someone else about. Also, you must be willing to find out more about the subject if you need to. Go to Google’s Keyword Planner, or other keyword tool. Put in your keywords to see which are the most popular for searches.

Choose 2 or 3 of the best searched terms. Then, find forums that have posts and discussions about the subject and those related to it. See what are the most popular issues about your subject. Choose one as your main subject.

Second, make a list of 20 ideas about your chosen subject. You can use them as your sections or chapters.

Third, under each of your 20 ideas list 10 related sub-ideas.

Fourth, get writing. Write at least one paragraph about each sub-idea. Of course, you can write more paragraphs. In some cases, it might take five of them to cover what you want to say. But don’t go overboard. You can’t tell the reader everything in one ebook.

Fifth, when you’ve done this, check it over to make sure the sections and paragraphs fit together smoothly.

Sixth, do the introduction section or chapter, telling about  some or all of the 20 key ideas.

Seventh, do the concluding part, reminding them what you have told them, and what they can do with the information.

Eighth, check it all for spelling and grammar. Just so long as it’s readable and clear to the reader. You don’t want to start changing parts of the ebook.

Ninth, convert it to a PDF. You can even do this with OpenOffice, which is free.

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