Build Your List Successfully With Articles

by Joe Fuller

Do you know the biggest mistake people still make with their articles? They try to sell something in or through the article. This is the wrong strategy. The big think about using articles is to build your credibility with your readers so they see you as having expertise. Then they’ll want to more from you because of the expertise, not because of your website or product.

When you’re list building and getting traffic from different places it’s vital you track where your subscribers and your buyers come from. In other words, through the traffic being sent, which place is providing more sign ups and more sales. If you find that one place sending you traffic gives you multiple times what other places are, it gives you an advantage. But remember that some places’ traffic might build more slowly than others you’re using, and you can miss that if you’re not tracking completely.

How do you use articles?

Well, what is an article? Some people say that the search engines, and content publishers, prefer longer posts of 1000 words or more now. But you can still create an article of valuable information in a short piece of writing. An article is a piece of writing that takes as long as it does to provide that valuable information. Of course, trying to sell your product in or after it, is not valuable information.

You need to get targeted visitors from the article to your opt in page.

Use your article to show your expertise in your niche subject. You should have more knowledge than most in your niche or sub-niche. For your readers your articles will point to what your paid material is like. If it’s information they can get anywhere easily, they’ll think your products are the same way.

The worst thing you can do is advertise your website or product in or after the article. It’s useful and relevant information people want, not ads. Do this regularly. Either information that extends their understanding or something they can put into practice once they’ve finished reading.

The effect of this is that you begin be seen as an expert in your niche. After all, you are giving information that can be used by readers. When they see that it makes sense and, best of all, it actually works in their case, their perception of you is as an expert. Also, as they read more by you, they will start to want more information from you, and become a subscriber.

You’re attracting people to your opt in page and website, rather than driving traffic there. If you’re too assertive in terms of your products in articles and emails, they’ll just switch off.

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