Want To Create Articles Like Me?

by Joe Fuller

What do you think of the title?

It doesn’t matter as long as you’re here reading it, and get some benefit from it you can use.

Who creates the best content? It’s a relative term. There is no “best”. It depends on the purpose and audience for the content. For instance, you might to only get some key information over to them. Or your pure aim is to get as many as possible to click the link.

Is it possible to cover a set of different aims in a single article?

First, you must have a title the reader can’t resist clicking through.

Second, continue that irresistible response in the first sentences. You need to get them past the beginning and into the body of the article.

Third, keep their interest during the rest of the piece. You might tell stories or give very useful knowledge they can use straight away or give them examples of the article’s topic.

Fourth, I know there’s an apparent preference now for much longer articles. But as long as it fits the above criteria, keeping it to the point is actually more useful to reader’s in a hurry or who want a quick answer to a question they have.

Fifth, the detail most people want is about how exactly to do something. So being concise is useful. Include all the important information you can. That way you build more trust and are more likely for them to click your link.

Sixth, you might want to suggest that they click the link at the end. Avoid links during the article.

Seventh, it is important to have a genuine interest in what you’re writing about. It makes your writing better.

Eighth, keep your language simple enough for just about anybody to be able to read right through, which is your precise aim, isn’t it?

Writing Articles Doesn’t Have To Be Hard