Use Articles For Search Engine Rankings

by Joe Fuller

Can you use articles to get good search engine rankings?

Yes you can. But always check that maybe other factors you’re involved in are not influencing your rankings instead. It can be difficult to tell what’s helping if you’re using lots of different promotion actions.

First, you have to write articles. A lot of people don’t like the idea of this. It does take focus and persistence. It can take a block out of each day. Then there’s the problem of coming up with new ideas or new angles on old ideas. So, it needs determination.

Second, to boost the effect of the articles try using the RSS feeds on sites you use. If plenty of people get your article spread through RSS then its distribution will speed up.

Third, put a link after the article.

Fourth, track to make sure you know the sites that are getting you the most traffic.

Fifth, you really want to get clicks, and not just backlinks, so write useful and relevant information that really will help the reader.

Now all it takes is to actually start doing it and to keep writing.

Use articles for Free Traffic Continuously