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Month: September, 2015

Your Online Success Through Action

People are setting up online businesses all the time. Almost all of them fail. Money is lost, and they give up.

If you asked them why that was they would no doubt say it wasn’t because they failed to take action. The trouble is that even those who do take some action are not doing intensive and intentional action.

Intensive action is doing something with an intense feeling of just having to get it right and make it work.

Imagine you created one hundred pieces of content, and someone else created ten. Who would get more traffic and more subscribers? Were you to take part in 20 forums regularly, and the other person in one forum, who would get more clicks to their squeeze page or site?

In other words you have to take action beyond the average.

There is an additional advantage to this extra action. Your content is read, heard or viewed in many different places.

For example, someone sees your a piece of your content. They click your link and they go through to your website. Also, they’ve seen your name on other content they’ve come across or clicked to. If they download a freebie from you it enforces the recognition of you by them. Each time they see and consume your content, does the response rate to it go up? Yes, it does.

Think about the action you take.

Know Your Mindset In Order To Succeed


Successful Internet Marketing Setup

You need not buy a course charging you a small fortune on how to set up your internet marketing. Just get the fundamentals right to get you started.

You cannot know it all before making a start. This will disappoint some people who want to have all the knowledge in their heads before making their first move. If you do that, you will never begin. Once started, you make alterations as you learn and experience more in your business.

It is possible to make some money quickly, but for the long term, developments are needed.

Here’s what you need:

First, you must have a niche subject that your website is about.

Second, get yourself a website. WordPress is easy through your host.

Third, an autoresponder is crucial to your business success.

Fourth, have a product. Preferably your own, or if not, be an affiliate for someone else until you create your own.

That’s it to get off the ground.

For your niche, choose something you already know a lot about, or more than the average niche person, or be willing to find out enough to be in that position. But the odds are you know about something well enough, others would be willing to pay for.

Find a reliable hosting company. Buy a domain name at another company. Do not buy it from your host. In a couple of clicks set up a WordPress website.

Choose a reliable autorespnder service, learn how to use it, and start building your list so you can communicate with regularly with useful information, and making them good offers.

If you have your own product, set up a sales page and begin selling it. Otherwise, choose a good quality affiliate product and offer it.

Once you’ve got these fundamentals, begin your business.

Know Your Mindset In Order To Succeed

How To Use Forums For Your Traffic

Forums are generally niche based, where people in that specific niche can ask and give replies to questions, and give support to other members.

You can use forums to get traffic to your website.

Here are some basic steps.

First, find the forums in your niche and any you could use related to your niche. However, make sure there’s enough activity going on to justify your spending time there.

Second, fill in your profile of all the these forums. Also, create a signature there with only your name and your website. Don’t try to sell anything in the profile.

Third, make an introduction. There’s usually a section for new people who’ve just joined, to do this. Have a positive comment. After giving your name, you could say you’re looking forward to sharing and communicating with other members in the forum. Do not do any more.

Fourth, log out. Return the next day.

Fifth, the next day start going through the sections and posts. If you think you’re stronger on one section then you could start there. Look for people asking questions. If you know an answer then give it. Maybe you have questions to ask, too.

Sixth, set aside time in each day to do this. It might only be half an hour. It might be two hours. Stick to your time limit and don’t start wasting time there but be productive.

Traffic will start but be slow to build. Once people see you as an authority or that you have credibility or are trustworthy, or all three, that will change.

5 Vital Needs For Online Business Start Up

Your List Building And Relationships

Have you started building your list yet? You might be getting subscribers every day. Your list is growing.

But you’re not getting $1 for each subscriber on the list. That being seen asĀ  what each person who signs up should be worth to you.

This doesn’t happen automatically, as in get 1000 subscribers and expect an income of $1000 a month. A list is only a list. In fact, you could buy a list of millions, but don’t expect one million dollars a month soon.

The most important factor is not how many you have on the list but your relationship with them as people, not just names on a list. Whatever your relationship with them is, and if it doesn’t change, then it’s true that the bigger the list grows then your income should grow.

However, if your relationship with subscribers is virtually nothing, then your income will be the same.

Here are some basics.

The point is to be in communication with people on your list. If you ask for personal responses, that’s what you’ll get – not as the same for the whole list. The emails will be automated yet you need to keep them as personal as possible. Use their name. Write in their terms, using “you” and not something like “list”, or “gang” or “tribe” or “guys”, or “all”.

You need to know how exactly you can help them in your niche. You could guess, and will have to at first. Ask them about what they want help with or what they’re stuck on. Respond to some personally maybe and put your answers into later emails. This way a relationship develops.

Your income will grow with the relationship development.

Build Your List Successfully With Articles

Email Marketing Successful Actions

Don’t make email marketing too complicated. Yes, it takes work. But there are only really 3 keys to ensuring success with it.

In brief, here they are.

First, it’s vital to build your own subscriber list. You don’t want a list you bought by the tens of thousands hoping you’ll make easy money. You won’t because the people on that list will have been marketed to by lots of other list buyers who bought the names on a list. Those people whose names you paid for won’t buy from you. They probably won’t even open your emails.

Start from scratch and build a list which is yours, unique to you. Develop a relationship with them. Then they’ll trust you and be willing to see what else you have to offer in your emails.

Second, make sure the emails you send them are the best you can do. If you’re on lots of people’s lists, how many do you actually read each day? Probably the ones from the same people each time. It isn’t just down to having the best subject line. You read emails from people with information you have found the most valuable to you. The subject line hardly matters. You found an email you read last time from a marketer, useful for you. So, you read the next one that comes from them. How many of your emails are opened and read depend on how good and relevant the information is to your subscribers.

Third, don’t try to sell in the email. Make a recommendation to them. If they’ve found you trustworthy so far, they’ll click the link. One way to develop trust is to only send to excellent products. They might even thank you for it.

Why You Need An Email Series

6 Things You Must Not Do As You Start Your Business

I’ll get straight into what you must avoid before you start up, or if you’re at the start of your online business.

First, using up your time trying to find out everything at once and end up with hours of learning each day, but no action. There are some people with masses of information that they need for their business in their niche, yet don’t take action on one thing. It is possible to over-prepare.

No matter you do, you have to make choices. Here’s my suggestion. Find one person or course that is for people starting up an online business. Follow the instructions exactly, even if you’ve no idea why you’re being told these are things to do. Avoid tweaking what is said but take the actions as are said. The effect will be amazing. You’ll have the basics, including experience, of building your business, plus some knowledge of what works from somebody who knows.

Second, not doing the marketing. See the above suggestion. Or begin to do things at some point in the business start up actions. For example, start with creating a product by guessing what people want in your niche, or start creating a list even if you’re uncertain what to do with it immediately, or try out some traffic methods and see what does and doesn’t work for you. When you have the first bit of your business started you can build from there. But if you never do anything, you still have nothing.

Third, not buying products when yu need to. Some people will drop out of this article now. I hope they can find someone who can help them further. I’ve suggested earlier about buying a course to find out what you need to know. There’s a lot to know about and it’s very often overload on information for many people. If you buy a course or help in some way, then you save all that time finding out for yourself, and all that hassle. You want to be building your business, not learning stuff all the time with no action.

Just look for the guarantee. If there isn’t one, don’t buy it. But also don’t just look through it, and think it’s too difficult or it’s too much for you to do. Push button riches don’t exist. If they did everybody would be rich.

Fourth, not getting the tools and services you need. Take traffic generation as an example. If you can’t afford, or don’t want to, buy traffic in some way, you need to get it for free. Except it isn’t free as it’s costing you your time. If you’re getting that free traffic through content marketing or search marketing, there comes a point when your time is better spent in other areas. So you have to pay to outsource what you were doing, so you can grow your business. Profits have to put back into the business.

Fifth, not being able to face failing. The most successful people have failed more than anybody else. Why? Because they’re willing to try things out to see if they work. There is no one perfect solution for everybody. You have to find your best traffic source, your best email sequence, your best sales page, and so on. You can only do that by testing out in these areas, which means you’re bound to have some failures.

Sixth, not testing and tracking what you’re doing. Your list on your autoresponder service is the core of your business as it’s basically where your buyers are. Use that service to track where people are coming from to subscribe, test your emails through their open rates and click throughs, and the purchases made. That way you also see where most of your customers are coming from originally.

Are You Top Heavy With Information?

The Powerhouse Of Taking Action

The internet is full of dreamers. Some of them are also serious enough to find out about how to actually start an online business. But they get stuck in a rut – the rut of learning and doing nothing to create the business they want. Some people find out masses of information and never take action. They simply go on and on collecting information.

Some of them will have a ton of knowledge about, for example, writing email sequences. But they never write any. They always think there’s more they need to learn. But no money can be made until they have a way of building a list, and sending subscribers emails.

You must have a plan of some description. A plan that will at least lay out some basic actions you’ll take to begin with. Maybe you’d decide to create 2 articles a day, get traffic from forums by answering questions there daily, or maybe you’ll start with a website set up. Something is better than nothing, and you can always change it as you’re ideas develop working on your first actions. Ask yourself how much time you’ve spent reading your emails from other marketers maybe promoting their latest fast and easy method to online riches. Yet after all that time, you’re no further forward. In that same time you could have taken basic actions on your own online business. No action equals no results.

The best plan of action is to have laid out positive actions you’ll take each day. If you decide to start with a website, you can set up a WordPress blog with a few clicks using your host. You might want, then, to use each day for a week getting and installing plugins you want, and to begin creating content for your visitors. If you’re sending traffic through content marketing, you might create 2 pieces of content a day and publish them on free sites. It’s the same with any aspect of your business: decide what needs doing at that point in its development and how you’ll do something every day to achieve it.

Successful Internet Marketing Set Up

How To Have A Useful Use Of Your Time

It’s vital you control the use of your time when working online. It’s so easy to spend time on other things such as email or looking at websites. The best way is to have a certain amount of time each day to work on your business. How can it be a success if you only do it intermittently? Look at what you have to do each day and decide how much time it’ll take on a daily basis. You can generate more profits when you know specifically what to do in your business, and you’re effective at using your time to do those those things.

There’s no fast and easy route to getting rich. It takes your time usefully used to build your business. It’ll be a slow beginning. But once you’ve reached a certain point in how the business works, you can probably leave it to run on almost automatic. You get your system working as efficiently and effectively as possible, automate that system, and then you can let it run. You have to check it and maybe make small changes but it can basically be left to its own working.

However, self discipline is needed to usefully use your time in order to get to that point. It’s the result of coherent working. Central to that is how you use your time.

Systematize To Succeed Online

Your Finances And Online Business

You know, you have only two directions to go online when you start up: one is to do things for free or very cheap, the other is to have a certain amount of money you can afford and are willing to spend.

Not enough money? You need to do content marketing, working on forums, and whatever free ways you want to work to get traffic and that actually do so.

You have enough money? You could still do free ways if you wanted, plus you could outsource your content marketing, and use ways such as ezine marketing and Pay Per Click (PPC).

Plan as to the amount of money you’ll spend on your online business and keep to it. The mistake some people make is to discover they have methods that are not generating money but then keep pouring more into them, hoping they’ll start generating money. It won’t happen. There three things can happen: you’ll spend more money than you make back in, or you’ll get the same amount back, or there’ll be a profit. All the methods you use need to make money, otherwise it’s a waste of money and time.

Simply making more than you’re spending is not the point. Even the ones not actually losing you money but including the ones that are, must be improved to profitability, if possible. This is the case also when you have lots of methods already making you profits.

Of course, when you use the free methods, they’re not really free as you have to use your time. You have to give plenty of time to getting traffic. Otherwise you can’t generate money from your business.

You Are The Solution To your Online Business

Creating Your Ebook Fast

Are you considering creating an ebook but the the thought of it just seems too daunting a task? When you look at what you need to do, you’re thinking it’ll takes weeks or months? On the other hand, have you already created one or more ebooks and you’re thinking back to how much time it took you?

Either way, here’s a process to get your ebook done quickly and to the standard you want.

First, what’s your subject going to be? Maybe you already know, so you can move on to the next stage. If you don’t know, make a list. Put everything down you know about the subject that you could inform someone else about. Also, you must be willing to find out more about the subject if you need to. Go to Google’s Keyword Planner, or other keyword tool. Put in your keywords to see which are the most popular for searches.

Choose 2 or 3 of the best searched terms. Then, find forums that have posts and discussions about the subject and those related to it. See what are the most popular issues about your subject. Choose one as your main subject.

Second, make a list of 20 ideas about your chosen subject. You can use them as your sections or chapters.

Third, under each of your 20 ideas list 10 related sub-ideas.

Fourth, get writing. Write at least one paragraph about each sub-idea. Of course, you can write more paragraphs. In some cases, it might take five of them to cover what you want to say. But don’t go overboard. You can’t tell the reader everything in one ebook.

Fifth, when you’ve done this, check it over to make sure the sections and paragraphs fit together smoothly.

Sixth, do the introduction section or chapter, telling aboutĀ  some or all of the 20 key ideas.

Seventh, do the concluding part, reminding them what you have told them, and what they can do with the information.

Eighth, check it all for spelling and grammar. Just so long as it’s readable and clear to the reader. You don’t want to start changing parts of the ebook.

Ninth, convert it to a PDF. You can even do this with OpenOffice, which is free.

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