Start Online With Nothing And Make Money

by Joe Fuller

Can you start online with nothing, no money?

The answer is, yes. Should you start with no money? Probably not as it’s a hard place to build from. But it’s always an individual’s choice.

Here’s what you must do.

First, you won’t have your own product so you’ll have to advertise and sell other marketers’ products. Do this until you can create your own. Successful online businesses have their own product, though they might not have had their own to begin with.

Second, have a website you can call your own. At first, you’ll have to use a free service. It will be limited and probably have other people’s ads on. Start using a paid service as soon as possible. If you can afford some cheap hosting, you will be able to create a WordPress site for free that’s your own.

Third, you need an autoresponder. Some of these services have a free start up. Search for the best you can find, most will have ads on your emails as well as a limited usage. Get a better paid service as soon as you’re able to. Sign up to your own email to check that the emails do go into your inbox, and therefore your customers’ too, and not into you spam box.

Fourth, choose a traffic method or source and start driving traffic as much as possible. Aim for hundreds of visitors to your site so you can test your results and be a success at what you’re doing. On the other hand, you could get involved in all the traffic methods you can find, test them all, and see which work best for you. When you find successful ones, repeat and repeat.

Fifth, find out about creating the best sales letters and emails, and practice until you have a successful method. Imagine talking to someone and write in that way. You can look at good sales letters and sign up to people’s lists to get examples of successful emails.

Sixth, don’t give up. Feed any profits you make back into your business. For example, pay for better hosting and website and autoresponder. Or buy good information on copywriting. Go on putting back the money you make, and keep using as much time as you can afford in creating the business. Increasing success will give you more and more inspiration.

Take These 7 Steps To Your Online Business