Use The Secrets Of Successful Sales Letters

by Joe Fuller

What to you is a successful sales letter? Does it convert to the maximum? Does it take the reader right through to the end? Or maybe to you, it’s one that is precise, with to the point information and so never boring or putting off the reader?

Ok, what if your sales letters did all of that?

So, you’d write letters that keep the reader right to the end. Plus keeps their intense interest and then moves them to take the action you want them to take. And it’s all very precise.

This article is about how to do that.

You should know the organization of a working sales letter. It has a powerfully attractive headline, insistent and attention holding story or information solving a problem. It also includes benefit bullet points, a strong finish, and a strong guarantee.

So, how to add to all these?

Be mindful of the following points.

First, things have changed since those very long sales letter. And things have got faster online. People want to get straight to the point, quickly. No fluff. To achieve this in your writing, when you’ve finished your draft get rid of anything that is repetition or is not needed. If you’ve been tempted to write long sentences, remove them and replace them with strong short comparisons. If there is anything at all in the letter that does not serve its purpose, remove it.

Second, your reader will not want a mechanized, copy and paste sounding letter. They’ll switch off their attention and leave. Instead, write as you speak, even if it means some things that would be seen as mistakes in your language in a more formal piece of writing. You don’t necessarily speak in sentences do you? You probably speak in phrases. Imagine you’re talking to your reader. But always check it over for spelling errors, grammar that makes it sound stiff, artificial, or nonsense.

Third, the reader wants to know what’s in it for them if the buy it. They don’t want to read about how great the product is. Make your bullet points focus on how the reader will benefit from the product.

Fourth, asking questions keeps the reader engaged. Also, if you have questions where the reader has to mak a choice through your questions, before they move on, they’re kept more involved, and probably doing some learning at the same time.

Fifth, your guarantee, you can imply, is not even needed because the offer is so good. However, you value the reader as a customer and so are offering one. Make it clear you’re sure the offer will help the reader. Keep the focus on how the reader will not be able to refuse the offer because of its value to them.

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