Affiliate Profits In Easy Steps

by Joe Fuller

Have you read lots of information on making money online? Just about everybody does when they get on the internet. But I bet it doesn’t feel right to you – that it’s not describing to you any plans you think you can carry through to make money. Usually, it’s really quite general, such as search for a product to sell, or create your own product, promote it, and send traffic to it. But to begin with, not being long online, what sort of product can you create or find?

Even if you do manage to make a product, and even send some reasonable quality traffic to its sales page, and also test what’s happening, you probably won’t make much money. One reason people give up is that it just takes too long to make decent profits this way. It’s nothing like regular money coming in.

However, affiliate marketing gives you an advantage at the start. The product is provided for you and you get paid a percentage of the selling price. There are negatives, though. You have to make sure you will in fact be paid when you make a sale. On top of that, if the seller’s sales letter is not doing a very good job, you still have to write your own and if you get a click, use software to send them straight to the order page. That is, you by-pass the seller’s sales letter.

But the positive is, if their sales letter is an effective one, you’ve no hassle having to write your own, plus you’re more likely to make a sale. If that works well, you’re relieved of having to organize customer service or payment through Paypal either.

So, you need to test a few affiliate programs, send traffic to them, and keep track of the programs that convert into sales the most. And also actually pay you the percentage of the sale. This way, you make money with affiliate programs.

Here’s how to do it.

First have a website where you’re offering a freebie, such as an ebook, report, white paper, or whatever is best for you. Put in lots of affiliate links. At the same time, offer a free email course. So, on your site you’ll put a form from your autoresponder service, to collect their name and email address. The autoresponder you set up, then starts sending the daily email course.

Second, set up that course telling people about the topic of the affiliate product or your niche. Make it easy to understand, and easy steps to follow where appropriate.

Third, in the emails, make your product recommendations that will help them in your niche.

Fourth, you get the percentage of the sales price when someone buys the product through your affiliate link in the freebie or course.

Fifth, create articles like this one, related to your niche, and put them on sites where you think your prospects will go online.

It is basically this simple. You can start trying it out straight away.