How To Create Something To Sell

by Joe Fuller

Are you just starting an online business but not certain what to sell? Are you an affiliate selling others’ products but want to sell your own? Have you already created at least one product but you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of last time?

You can actually create a product quite fast, as long as you have the knowledge to put into it.

Here’s how.

1 Make a decision as to what your product will be about. If you’re really stuck, think about your niche and what knowledge you have more about than most other people do. Have a look around the web to see what’s there for others to use. Look out for gaps, and questions people are asking about the topics in that gap. If there are questions it means people want that information or guidance. So, that’s what to create your product about.

2 What form will you product be in? Are you writing an ebook? Making a video? Setting up a webinar? You might want to use all three, and even include other forms.

3 Now write down everything you think you need to include in your product. Put things down in any order with the important mixed with the less important. Get as big a list as possible. Some people prefer to use a mind map or a diagram. It doesn’t matter, a long as you get your ideas out of your head so you can see them.

4 Now pick out the most important things you need to use or tell or show your audience. Use those as your main headings, your key ideas round which everything else will be organized. Then, under each of those main ideas, write out as many sub-ideas, related to the main idea, as possible. You might think of some new things when you do this part.

5 Now do the writing. It does not matter in what order you do it. You might start with the last or end main idea with its sub-ideas, then jump to the second main idea in your list. It doesn’t matter. Just keep writing. If you get stuck on some ideas because you don’t quite have enough knowledge, then leave it until you finish the rest. Then, do a bit of searching online and then finish off that bit you were stuck on.

6 Make sure you have arranged each main idea section or paragraph in the place you want it: first, second, and so on.

7 You can use this as an ebook, or script for an audio, video or webinar. Or whatever form you want to use.

8 You might want to leave it for a day or two, or ask someone to check it over. You can change it to improve it if you need to.

That’s your own product ready to sell.

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