Cheap Start Up Online

by Joe Fuller

When you have some money to invest in starting a business online you buy information you need, find out how to create a product, and go ahead to advertise. There’s a good chance you’re making money quite soon.

When you have no money or very little to invest in your new business it feels like a long uphill struggle just to get started on something in the business. This article is how to start cheap, and make a profit.

Once you start making money you’ll be tempted to take money for personal expenses or needs. But that way you’ll not make any progress. The profits you make need to be put back into the business if it’s to have any chance of growing. There are free methods to get started. However, the cost for you is from your time, and it may take a lot of your time to begin with, doing the basics. When you’ve got profits, begin paying for those same services you’re using free. If not, you won’t be able to get ahead of yourself as you’ll always be spending time on the basics online yourself. In the end, you’ll just run out of time trying to do everything as the business builds.

First off decide what type of internet business you’ll be in. You could develop a product for it but if you’re just starting out you can sell products as an affiliate. This gives you time to find out about and experience the different elements of business online.

Although the seller of the affiliate products will sell from their own website with their own sales pages, you can get your own website. This gives you a base for your business and a place to try things out. Also, you can write your own sales pages if you think the affiliate ones aren’t so good. You can use software to bypass their sales page and go straight to the order page. Even free website hosts now allow you to set up a WordPress site. This is a free platform and easy to use to create all sorts of pages. Just search for “free hosting”. Free hosting will usually have a limit as to space, and there’ll be ads on your site probably. However, you won’t need much space as you start up.

Now you must get an autoresponder to send regular emails to your subscribers and customers. There are some good autoresponder services which let you start for free up to a certain number of subscribers. You can then upgrade. Write relevant content, and produce some every day.

Then, once these are set up, you need to send traffic to your site. Write articles related to your niche and products and put on high ranking sites, such as social media, free blogs, blogs that allow content submission, and anywhere that you can place a link on your article, and so get a link back to your site.

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