Online Business Steps Guide

by Joe Fuller

You want to have a viable long term business model. There are plenty of variations on that. One of the most direct ways is buy selling information on a topic you know enough about in order to produce information products. Having your own products is also an important criteria in my opinion.

Obviously, any get rich quick scheme has limitations, even if it isn’t actually making the money only from people who buy into the idea. But, for example, having to be the first, or almost first, into something, or having to be a recruiter, are really limited. You want to have your own business.

The basics online are the same as those offline. But an offline business has a more limited market in terms of number of prospects. Also, an online business has greater means to reach the bigger market.

However, they are similar in that before you make any money, you have to sell something. Or put it the other way, someone has to become your customer and buy your product.

Therefore, the first thing you need is a product or products to sell. If you have more than one, there might be some relationship between them, or you might have a range of products. When you’re in the situation that you can’t decide what niche or sub-niche to be in, then search online for the types of products you’d be happy with and feel comfortable to sell.

If you’re stuck about what types of product to sell, you could always become an affiliate and sell someone else’s, in which case you don’t need your own website as you send traffic directly to the seller’s website. Having said that, it’s still best to send them to your own opt in page to get their email for yourself first.

However, it’s still best of all to have your own product that you control and keep all the profits of. It also makes it easier to collect their email first before they get to the sales page, then you can contact them regularly, and make further offers as you go along.

To do that you’ll need to buy into an autoresponder service. Using it, you send your subscribers regular emails. If a person needs 7 contacts on average before they buy from you, then it’s worth keeping that communication going in a systematic way.

Obviously, to get visitors to your site so they can join your list, and buy from you, you need to have some means of generating traffic. I’m not going to go through a list of possibles. Try out different methods to find out which suit your niche and way of working. However, whichever you use, you’ll probably need to test out ways of using it before you get it the way you want.

But it’s not just traffic that needs testing, you must track and test everything you do. See each thing you do as an experiment. You’ll either drop it or improve it to success. For example, you must know which source gives you the most traffic and from what kind of material, such as ads or content. Where are most of your buyers coming from? How long is it before they buy once they visit your site or become a subscriber on your list? In these ways, you can make improvements.

Finally, there is no perfect method or system. You have to be innovative, market consistently, and keep on improving. Each business is different in the way it operates even though there are obvious common elements.

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