7 Things You Must Do To Make Your Sales Letter Sell

by Joe Fuller

Being able to write effective sales letters is crucial for your online business. That’s why copywriters who can do so can charge so much. You might have an excellent product but if you can’t communicate that as well as get readers to buy it, you’ll struggle yo make money.

Here are 7 things you can do now to improve your sales letters.

1 Be clear about why and who. People often forget these vital elements. You can’t just think to yourself that you have a good product, and if you just tell visitors about it that they’ll buy it.

Why are you writing the sales letter? To sell your product. So it’s not much good just to tell visitors about it. You must use language and a sales letter structure to ensure people will do so.

Who are you writing for? A specific part of your niche audience who are looking for a product like yours. You need to write the letter to them: make clear what the product will help them with, what problem it will solve for them. This is what they want to hear from you – not that it’s a good product.

2 You need an attention grabbing headline. This sounds easy and too many people simply use the first thing that comes to them. But if readers don’t get past the headline, how many will buy your product? Nobody will.

Think through the benefits your product gives its users. Choose the most important and/or most powerfully effective one for your readers, and make it into an irresistible headline.

For example:

Speed: Achieve 100% More….in One Day Than Most People In One Month!
Clarity and certainty of progress and success: 3 Steps To…You Never Dreamed Of Reaching
Yourself as an example: I Went From…To…In 30 Days – And You can Too

Use these as templates, or find others on the internet, and write out 50 of your own examples. Leave them for a day. Prioritize them. Choose the best 10. Leave them again. Prioritize again. Choose the best one.

Have a process for creating the most effective headlines you can.

3 Describe and explain your own life or experience in relation to the product’s topic or purpose. Tell the story of what happened to you, maybe how you failed in some way, and what led you to create the product you’re offering them.

4 If you have them, put testimonials throughout the letter. Readers will more likely believe you if they see other people, just like them, have had success with the product.

5 Make the benefits of the product clear, not the features. Remember how the reader is only interested in what it can do for them. They may be desperate for a solution. Listing its features, trying to tell them how good it is, will only frustrate them, and they’ll leave. Keep the focus on the ways it will help them, relieve their lives in some way, and make their life easier.

6 Give a guarantee they can’t turn down. Check out guarantees others are offering and see if you can create a better one for your product. Readers may know nothing about you, and even if they have some knowledge of you, they’ll be more willing to trust you with the back up of an excellent guarantee. So make it the best you can.

7 Tell them what to do to buy the product. Direct them to the link to click and make that link clear. You might have several throughout the letter. Remind them why they should buy the product. Urge them to click now and not to wait in case the opportunity is not there if they return later. In other words, if a visitor wants to buy from you, don’t leave them in doubt as to how to do that. As near one click as possible is best.

Now, practice writing your sales letters. Try different versions for the one product. Copy out successful ones you see online in order to get a feel for them – but do not copy them to pass them off as your own. That’s plagiarism. The more you work on your skills, the better you get at them.

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