Best Way To Rank In The Search Engines

by Joe Fuller

There’s a desperate need in search engine optimization – to get to number one, and stay there. You might try all the newest tricks out to get round the search engine algorithms. But as soon as those algorithms change, probably because of some of those very tricks everybody using, you slide straight down again. This is particularly true of Google. If you want to be persistently highly rated, you have to be persistent in your actions.

Here are 3 actions you can take over time.

1 The common advice about starting an online business, and including actions to take to be well ranked, is to focus on one method, get that working successfully, and then move on to another one.

But there’s a big problem with this which can knock startups sideways, especially if they’ve been working weeks or months on their one thing. Somebody else comes along who’s working with the same method and does is better than you. The result is that any gains you’ve made are reduced or destroyed, and you’ve no back up method.

So, what’s the solution?

Choose 2 or 3, or a range of methods, and do quality work in each one. You can build up to this, becoming more proficient over time. But focusing only on one leaves you vulnerable. For example, instead of only writing articles, create PDFs, courses, blog posts for your own and other blogs, reports, special topic papers, and so on.

In any case, does being number one in searches necessarily get you more relevant traffic, or get you more sales that will follow through to multiple buys by the same people? Unless your prospects like your content when they click through to it, it makes no difference if the search algorithms do. So the first thing is to create content for people rather search engines.

2 At the time of writing, keywords don’t seem so important to the search engines as they once were. However, they are still important in helping them differentiate your content.

Here’s the opposite point of view to number one. Would you rather have your one most important keyword ranked for highly at the top, or be ranked for 10 keywords spread across search results pages 2 to 9?

Whatever your using as your central website, such as Facebook or your own site, if you concentrate on your main keyword getting highly ranked over time, you’re more likely to have a persistent presence high in search results for it.

That way your site is more likely to be seen as an authority one as you build your business.

3 What has become more important is having quality inbound links to your website and your content. Getting links naturally from high quality websites, especially if they’re seen as authority sites in their own right, means your own site grows as an authority in your niche. By putting your unique content onto quality sites gets you links too, such as this article you’re reading.

Again, build links over time using relevant content. If you buy links in the mass, search engines will easily notice the massive spikes in link building over short periods of time and could penalize you for it by dropping you altogether from their results.

In addition to these three as a start, you need visitors to your site, who then click through to your squeeze or sales pages, or to more content, and then on to buying your products. To get prospects to your site and keep them there for as long as possible, then provide them with content relevant to them.

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