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Month: August, 2015

Start Online With Nothing And Make Money

Can you start online with nothing, no money?

The answer is, yes. Should you start with no money? Probably not as it’s a hard place to build from. But it’s always an individual’s choice.

Here’s what you must do.

First, you won’t have your own product so you’ll have to advertise and sell other marketers’ products. Do this until you can create your own. Successful online businesses have their own product, though they might not have had their own to begin with.

Second, have a website you can call your own. At first, you’ll have to use a free service. It will be limited and probably have other people’s ads on. Start using a paid service as soon as possible. If you can afford some cheap hosting, you will be able to create a WordPress site for free that’s your own.

Third, you need an autoresponder. Some of these services have a free start up. Search for the best you can find, most will have ads on your emails as well as a limited usage. Get a better paid service as soon as you’re able to. Sign up to your own email to check that the emails do go into your inbox, and therefore your customers’ too, and not into you spam box.

Fourth, choose a traffic method or source and start driving traffic as much as possible. Aim for hundreds of visitors to your site so you can test your results and be a success at what you’re doing. On the other hand, you could get involved in all the traffic methods you can find, test them all, and see which work best for you. When you find successful ones, repeat and repeat.

Fifth, find out about creating the best sales letters and emails, and practice until you have a successful method. Imagine talking to someone and write in that way. You can look at good sales letters and sign up to people’s lists to get examples of successful emails.

Sixth, don’t give up. Feed any profits you make back into your business. For example, pay for better hosting and website and autoresponder. Or buy good information on copywriting. Go on putting back the money you make, and keep using as much time as you can afford in creating the business. Increasing success will give you more and more inspiration.

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Want To Know How To Write A Really Bad Sales Letter?

There are so many bad sales letters around, I thought I may as well help you write another one.

This won’t take long.

First, think of the most tedious headline you can. Make it very, very long so it might send your reader to sleep. Don’t bother with any interesting words that might suggest actions to take. Instead, suggest total lack of interest by you and the reader.

Second, you have a genius, world shaking product, never seen before, so tell them how great it is for you, your business and your life. Ignore the reader. Suggest the reader will never make it to your level, as you list all your great qualities as an online business person.

Third, make sure you write extremely long and boring sections of your letter. Tell them, at great length, all about how totally uninteresting your offer is. Really, you have to let them know that the offer is virtually useless for most people.

Fourth, forget about offering a guarantee. Make it clear your offer is so bad, it really shouldn’t have a guarantee.

Fifth, never include a picture or image of yourself, your business or any products. This only encourages people to maybe be interested in what you have to offer.

Sixth, never give a way to contact you.

Seventh, just in case someone is interested in buying your offer, make it as difficult as you can for them to do so. For example, have a 20 step (which sometimes doesn’t work) checkout system or they could send you a check and get the offer in about 2 to 3 months if all goes well.

This is how to do it – enjoy yourself writing the worst sales letter on the internet.

Copywriting For Success

Use The Secrets Of Successful Sales Letters

What to you is a successful sales letter? Does it convert to the maximum? Does it take the reader right through to the end? Or maybe to you, it’s one that is precise, with to the point information and so never boring or putting off the reader?

Ok, what if your sales letters did all of that?

So, you’d write letters that keep the reader right to the end. Plus keeps their intense interest and then moves them to take the action you want them to take. And it’s all very precise.

This article is about how to do that.

You should know the organization of a working sales letter. It has a powerfully attractive headline, insistent and attention holding story or information solving a problem. It also includes benefit bullet points, a strong finish, and a strong guarantee.

So, how to add to all these?

Be mindful of the following points.

First, things have changed since those very long sales letter. And things have got faster online. People want to get straight to the point, quickly. No fluff. To achieve this in your writing, when you’ve finished your draft get rid of anything that is repetition or is not needed. If you’ve been tempted to write long sentences, remove them and replace them with strong short comparisons. If there is anything at all in the letter that does not serve its purpose, remove it.

Second, your reader will not want a mechanized, copy and paste sounding letter. They’ll switch off their attention and leave. Instead, write as you speak, even if it means some things that would be seen as mistakes in your language in a more formal piece of writing. You don’t necessarily speak in sentences do you? You probably speak in phrases. Imagine you’re talking to your reader. But always check it over for spelling errors, grammar that makes it sound stiff, artificial, or nonsense.

Third, the reader wants to know what’s in it for them if the buy it. They don’t want to read about how great the product is. Make your bullet points focus on how the reader will benefit from the product.

Fourth, asking questions keeps the reader engaged. Also, if you have questions where the reader has to mak a choice through your questions, before they move on, they’re kept more involved, and probably doing some learning at the same time.

Fifth, your guarantee, you can imply, is not even needed because the offer is so good. However, you value the reader as a customer and so are offering one. Make it clear you’re sure the offer will help the reader. Keep the focus on how the reader will not be able to refuse the offer because of its value to them.

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Affiliate Profits In Easy Steps

Have you read lots of information on making money online? Just about everybody does when they get on the internet. But I bet it doesn’t feel right to you – that it’s not describing to you any plans you think you can carry through to make money. Usually, it’s really quite general, such as search for a product to sell, or create your own product, promote it, and send traffic to it. But to begin with, not being long online, what sort of product can you create or find?

Even if you do manage to make a product, and even send some reasonable quality traffic to its sales page, and also test what’s happening, you probably won’t make much money. One reason people give up is that it just takes too long to make decent profits this way. It’s nothing like regular money coming in.

However, affiliate marketing gives you an advantage at the start. The product is provided for you and you get paid a percentage of the selling price. There are negatives, though. You have to make sure you will in fact be paid when you make a sale. On top of that, if the seller’s sales letter is not doing a very good job, you still have to write your own and if you get a click, use software to send them straight to the order page. That is, you by-pass the seller’s sales letter.

But the positive is, if their sales letter is an effective one, you’ve no hassle having to write your own, plus you’re more likely to make a sale. If that works well, you’re relieved of having to organize customer service or payment through Paypal either.

So, you need to test a few affiliate programs, send traffic to them, and keep track of the programs that convert into sales the most. And also actually pay you the percentage of the sale. This way, you make money with affiliate programs.

Here’s how to do it.

First have a website where you’re offering a freebie, such as an ebook, report, white paper, or whatever is best for you. Put in lots of affiliate links. At the same time, offer a free email course. So, on your site you’ll put a form from your autoresponder service, to collect their name and email address. The autoresponder you set up, then starts sending the daily email course.

Second, set up that course telling people about the topic of the affiliate product or your niche. Make it easy to understand, and easy steps to follow where appropriate.

Third, in the emails, make your product recommendations that will help them in your niche.

Fourth, you get the percentage of the sales price when someone buys the product through your affiliate link in the freebie or course.

Fifth, create articles like this one, related to your niche, and put them on sites where you think your prospects will go online.

It is basically this simple. You can start trying it out straight away.

Cheap Start Up Online

When you have some money to invest in starting a business online you buy information you need, find out how to create a product, and go ahead to advertise. There’s a good chance you’re making money quite soon.

When you have no money or very little to invest in your new business it feels like a long uphill struggle just to get started on something in the business. This article is how to start cheap, and make a profit.

Once you start making money you’ll be tempted to take money for personal expenses or needs. But that way you’ll not make any progress. The profits you make need to be put back into the business if it’s to have any chance of growing. There are free methods to get started. However, the cost for you is from your time, and it may take a lot of your time to begin with, doing the basics. When you’ve got profits, begin paying for those same services you’re using free. If not, you won’t be able to get ahead of yourself as you’ll always be spending time on the basics online yourself. In the end, you’ll just run out of time trying to do everything as the business builds.

First off decide what type of internet business you’ll be in. You could develop a product for it but if you’re just starting out you can sell products as an affiliate. This gives you time to find out about and experience the different elements of business online.

Although the seller of the affiliate products will sell from their own website with their own sales pages, you can get your own website. This gives you a base for your business and a place to try things out. Also, you can write your own sales pages if you think the affiliate ones aren’t so good. You can use software to bypass their sales page and go straight to the order page. Even free website hosts now allow you to set up a WordPress site. This is a free platform and easy to use to create all sorts of pages. Just search for “free hosting”. Free hosting will usually have a limit as to space, and there’ll be ads on your site probably. However, you won’t need much space as you start up.

Now you must get an autoresponder to send regular emails to your subscribers and customers. There are some good autoresponder services which let you start for free up to a certain number of subscribers. You can then upgrade. Write relevant content, and produce some every day.

Then, once these are set up, you need to send traffic to your site. Write articles related to your niche and products and put on high ranking sites, such as social media, free blogs, blogs that allow content submission, and anywhere that you can place a link on your article, and so get a link back to your site.

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How To Create Something To Sell

Are you just starting an online business but not certain what to sell? Are you an affiliate selling others’ products but want to sell your own? Have you already created at least one product but you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of last time?

You can actually create a product quite fast, as long as you have the knowledge to put into it.

Here’s how.

1 Make a decision as to what your product will be about. If you’re really stuck, think about your niche and what knowledge you have more about than most other people do. Have a look around the web to see what’s there for others to use. Look out for gaps, and questions people are asking about the topics in that gap. If there are questions it means people want that information or guidance. So, that’s what to create your product about.

2 What form will you product be in? Are you writing an ebook? Making a video? Setting up a webinar? You might want to use all three, and even include other forms.

3 Now write down everything you think you need to include in your product. Put things down in any order with the important mixed with the less important. Get as big a list as possible. Some people prefer to use a mind map or a diagram. It doesn’t matter, a long as you get your ideas out of your head so you can see them.

4 Now pick out the most important things you need to use or tell or show your audience. Use those as your main headings, your key ideas round which everything else will be organized. Then, under each of those main ideas, write out as many sub-ideas, related to the main idea, as possible. You might think of some new things when you do this part.

5 Now do the writing. It does not matter in what order you do it. You might start with the last or end main idea with its sub-ideas, then jump to the second main idea in your list. It doesn’t matter. Just keep writing. If you get stuck on some ideas because you don’t quite have enough knowledge, then leave it until you finish the rest. Then, do a bit of searching online and then finish off that bit you were stuck on.

6 Make sure you have arranged each main idea section or paragraph in the place you want it: first, second, and so on.

7 You can use this as an ebook, or script for an audio, video or webinar. Or whatever form you want to use.

8 You might want to leave it for a day or two, or ask someone to check it over. You can change it to improve it if you need to.

That’s your own product ready to sell.

Make money internet marketing

Online Business Steps Guide

You want to have a viable long term business model. There are plenty of variations on that. One of the most direct ways is buy selling information on a topic you know enough about in order to produce information products. Having your own products is also an important criteria in my opinion.

Obviously, any get rich quick scheme has limitations, even if it isn’t actually making the money only from people who buy into the idea. But, for example, having to be the first, or almost first, into something, or having to be a recruiter, are really limited. You want to have your own business.

The basics online are the same as those offline. But an offline business has a more limited market in terms of number of prospects. Also, an online business has greater means to reach the bigger market.

However, they are similar in that before you make any money, you have to sell something. Or put it the other way, someone has to become your customer and buy your product.

Therefore, the first thing you need is a product or products to sell. If you have more than one, there might be some relationship between them, or you might have a range of products. When you’re in the situation that you can’t decide what niche or sub-niche to be in, then search online for the types of products you’d be happy with and feel comfortable to sell.

If you’re stuck about what types of product to sell, you could always become an affiliate and sell someone else’s, in which case you don’t need your own website as you send traffic directly to the seller’s website. Having said that, it’s still best to send them to your own opt in page to get their email for yourself first.

However, it’s still best of all to have your own product that you control and keep all the profits of. It also makes it easier to collect their email first before they get to the sales page, then you can contact them regularly, and make further offers as you go along.

To do that you’ll need to buy into an autoresponder service. Using it, you send your subscribers regular emails. If a person needs 7 contacts on average before they buy from you, then it’s worth keeping that communication going in a systematic way.

Obviously, to get visitors to your site so they can join your list, and buy from you, you need to have some means of generating traffic. I’m not going to go through a list of possibles. Try out different methods to find out which suit your niche and way of working. However, whichever you use, you’ll probably need to test out ways of using it before you get it the way you want.

But it’s not just traffic that needs testing, you must track and test everything you do. See each thing you do as an experiment. You’ll either drop it or improve it to success. For example, you must know which source gives you the most traffic and from what kind of material, such as ads or content. Where are most of your buyers coming from? How long is it before they buy once they visit your site or become a subscriber on your list? In these ways, you can make improvements.

Finally, there is no perfect method or system. You have to be innovative, market consistently, and keep on improving. Each business is different in the way it operates even though there are obvious common elements.

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7 Things You Must Do To Make Your Sales Letter Sell

Being able to write effective sales letters is crucial for your online business. That’s why copywriters who can do so can charge so much. You might have an excellent product but if you can’t communicate that as well as get readers to buy it, you’ll struggle yo make money.

Here are 7 things you can do now to improve your sales letters.

1 Be clear about why and who. People often forget these vital elements. You can’t just think to yourself that you have a good product, and if you just tell visitors about it that they’ll buy it.

Why are you writing the sales letter? To sell your product. So it’s not much good just to tell visitors about it. You must use language and a sales letter structure to ensure people will do so.

Who are you writing for? A specific part of your niche audience who are looking for a product like yours. You need to write the letter to them: make clear what the product will help them with, what problem it will solve for them. This is what they want to hear from you – not that it’s a good product.

2 You need an attention grabbing headline. This sounds easy and too many people simply use the first thing that comes to them. But if readers don’t get past the headline, how many will buy your product? Nobody will.

Think through the benefits your product gives its users. Choose the most important and/or most powerfully effective one for your readers, and make it into an irresistible headline.

For example:

Speed: Achieve 100% More….in One Day Than Most People In One Month!
Clarity and certainty of progress and success: 3 Steps To…You Never Dreamed Of Reaching
Yourself as an example: I Went From…To…In 30 Days – And You can Too

Use these as templates, or find others on the internet, and write out 50 of your own examples. Leave them for a day. Prioritize them. Choose the best 10. Leave them again. Prioritize again. Choose the best one.

Have a process for creating the most effective headlines you can.

3 Describe and explain your own life or experience in relation to the product’s topic or purpose. Tell the story of what happened to you, maybe how you failed in some way, and what led you to create the product you’re offering them.

4 If you have them, put testimonials throughout the letter. Readers will more likely believe you if they see other people, just like them, have had success with the product.

5 Make the benefits of the product clear, not the features. Remember how the reader is only interested in what it can do for them. They may be desperate for a solution. Listing its features, trying to tell them how good it is, will only frustrate them, and they’ll leave. Keep the focus on the ways it will help them, relieve their lives in some way, and make their life easier.

6 Give a guarantee they can’t turn down. Check out guarantees others are offering and see if you can create a better one for your product. Readers may know nothing about you, and even if they have some knowledge of you, they’ll be more willing to trust you with the back up of an excellent guarantee. So make it the best you can.

7 Tell them what to do to buy the product. Direct them to the link to click and make that link clear. You might have several throughout the letter. Remind them why they should buy the product. Urge them to click now and not to wait in case the opportunity is not there if they return later. In other words, if a visitor wants to buy from you, don’t leave them in doubt as to how to do that. As near one click as possible is best.

Now, practice writing your sales letters. Try different versions for the one product. Copy out successful ones you see online in order to get a feel for them – but do not copy them to pass them off as your own. That’s plagiarism. The more you work on your skills, the better you get at them.

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Best Way To Rank In The Search Engines

There’s a desperate need in search engine optimization – to get to number one, and stay there. You might try all the newest tricks out to get round the search engine algorithms. But as soon as those algorithms change, probably because of some of those very tricks everybody using, you slide straight down again. This is particularly true of Google. If you want to be persistently highly rated, you have to be persistent in your actions.

Here are 3 actions you can take over time.

1 The common advice about starting an online business, and including actions to take to be well ranked, is to focus on one method, get that working successfully, and then move on to another one.

But there’s a big problem with this which can knock startups sideways, especially if they’ve been working weeks or months on their one thing. Somebody else comes along who’s working with the same method and does is better than you. The result is that any gains you’ve made are reduced or destroyed, and you’ve no back up method.

So, what’s the solution?

Choose 2 or 3, or a range of methods, and do quality work in each one. You can build up to this, becoming more proficient over time. But focusing only on one leaves you vulnerable. For example, instead of only writing articles, create PDFs, courses, blog posts for your own and other blogs, reports, special topic papers, and so on.

In any case, does being number one in searches necessarily get you more relevant traffic, or get you more sales that will follow through to multiple buys by the same people? Unless your prospects like your content when they click through to it, it makes no difference if the search algorithms do. So the first thing is to create content for people rather search engines.

2 At the time of writing, keywords don’t seem so important to the search engines as they once were. However, they are still important in helping them differentiate your content.

Here’s the opposite point of view to number one. Would you rather have your one most important keyword ranked for highly at the top, or be ranked for 10 keywords spread across search results pages 2 to 9?

Whatever your using as your central website, such as Facebook or your own site, if you concentrate on your main keyword getting highly ranked over time, you’re more likely to have a persistent presence high in search results for it.

That way your site is more likely to be seen as an authority one as you build your business.

3 What has become more important is having quality inbound links to your website and your content. Getting links naturally from high quality websites, especially if they’re seen as authority sites in their own right, means your own site grows as an authority in your niche. By putting your unique content onto quality sites gets you links too, such as this article you’re reading.

Again, build links over time using relevant content. If you buy links in the mass, search engines will easily notice the massive spikes in link building over short periods of time and could penalize you for it by dropping you altogether from their results.

In addition to these three as a start, you need visitors to your site, who then click through to your squeeze or sales pages, or to more content, and then on to buying your products. To get prospects to your site and keep them there for as long as possible, then provide them with content relevant to them.

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