Taking Action – But Later

by Joe Fuller

Whichever internet marketing forum, or related one, you might visit, there is inevitably someone asking advice about what to do at first or now. The inevitable response is to be told to just take action or find a method and follow it through in action. Some people will go further and say that taking  action is the only and best thing to do. But people still keep asking. Now, there may be personal reasons for that. Yet in terms of starting an online information business the advice is almost bound to lead nowhere. It’s a circle.

First, you need to know enough about your niche so that you can create products and offer good advice. Given that as a basis, then you need to think about your business as a business. In 1 or 2 years what will the structure of your business be? For example, what products, how many of them, how are they sold to customers, what price are they?

Second, once you have an idea of the basics of  organization, what’s your plan or strategy for creating the business the way you want it? From this, it’s easy to know what to do first, second, and so on.

Third, on this basis of thinking and planning, here are what could be your actions.

1 Create your first product – no product, no sales, no business.

2 Write the email campaign for that first product, for when people join your list.

3 Create the squeeze page and freebie related to that first product.

4 Attract traffic to the squeeze page by your valuable content. Have a content strategy to engage people to look forward to your content and even search it out.  Use various channels across the web where you know your target market goes. At some point send them to your squeeze page to build your list.

5 Create a sales funnel of products about the same niche topic, and increasing in detail and depth, and maybe access to you.

Thinking and planning must occur before action, otherwise it’s action without purpose or direction.

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