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Month: April, 2014

The 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Online Business

Have you started your online information business but keep hitting problems? The odds are you’re asking at least one of these questions you need the answer to.

1 How do I get (more) traffic?

This is the most commonly asked one. In fact, people get fixated on it. They’re also told that without traffic they can’t have a business, and that the more traffic they have then the more money they’ll make. Both of these statements are wrong and are merely used to put pressure on you to buy the marketer’s product.

First, it isn’t traffic that makes a business but the fact that you’re making profits from selling something the market wants. Second, you might be swamped with traffic and still not make a dime.

Let’s briefly look at these ideas.

It isn’t traffic you want, it’s a product funnel. Not just one product but a sales funnel of at least 3 or 4 products. You can’t make profits unless you have something to sell that people want to buy. If your products are needed then they will sell and people will find you through the most basic means in order to buy them. This is especially true if you’re selling something prospects can’t get anywhere else except from you. Focus on creating products first.

I can tell you where to go and get masses of traffic, and cheaply: Adfly. Unfortunately, it isn’t targeted to your product so disappointment hits when nobody buys anything. They’re probably looking for free stuff anyway. Instead, you could buy lists from other sites that are targeted for what you want to sell. You’d still have to test that service and lists, plus your sales page, pricing, and product itself. If nobody buys from a list you’ve bought, it could be other things that are stopping them doing so, like the sales page.

Rather than driving traffic, try attracting it instead. This is the best way because then people have chosen (important) to come to you. You haven’t got to spend your time and energy driving it. Provide valuable content for your target market around the web and especially where they’re likely to hang out.

How do I get started or what do I do first?

This type of question is the next most asked.  It’s either people who have started something then think they’ve gone the wrong way and missed something, or people who are not sure what it is exactly they should be doing at the very beginning of the whole process.

Once you know what niche you’ll be in, there’s only one key thing you need to decide: what exactly you will sell. What is the subject matter or topics of your products or services? For instance, to think you’ll sell stuff about gardening because you know a lot about it, is too general on its own. Will you sell information or services to do with growing flowers or vegetables or creating garden ponds, or what? If it’s flowers, what sorts of flowers: set down all the topics you can think of you can or want to cover.

Then, how will you deliver the information? In ebooks or mp3s or in a forum or  a membership or in coaching or in local classes?

Once you’ve made these sorts of basic decisions first, you can then build your business strategy around it, including how your business will be organized – your organization is your strategy.

How do I deal with all this overload of information?

In short, stop everything else you’re doing. Then, following the above: make it the first thing you do tomorrow morning to decide what subject matter and topics of information in your niche you will sell to your customers. Brainstorm first, then divide into topics and groups of topics. If you know enough about the niche or sub-niche you’re in, you’ll have more than enough to create lots of products about.

Now, if you end up with only a few ideas, you have to go back a step to learning as much as you can, and taking notes, about what you need to know. Make the information your own by arranging it into your own structures of information. Only focus on what you need to know to start creating products and don’t get sidelined. Give yourself blocks of 20 or 30 minutes to keep focused – have a timer or write down the exact amount of time you’re spending. The aim is to start your business and not to be the world expert tomorrow. You can aim to be that as you go on over time.

Start and build your business round your information and products, not the other way round.

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Taking Action – But Later

Whichever internet marketing forum, or related one, you might visit, there is inevitably someone asking advice about what to do at first or now. The inevitable response is to be told to just take action or find a method and follow it through in action. Some people will go further and say that taking  action is the only and best thing to do. But people still keep asking. Now, there may be personal reasons for that. Yet in terms of starting an online information business the advice is almost bound to lead nowhere. It’s a circle.

First, you need to know enough about your niche so that you can create products and offer good advice. Given that as a basis, then you need to think about your business as a business. In 1 or 2 years what will the structure of your business be? For example, what products, how many of them, how are they sold to customers, what price are they?

Second, once you have an idea of the basics of  organization, what’s your plan or strategy for creating the business the way you want it? From this, it’s easy to know what to do first, second, and so on.

Third, on this basis of thinking and planning, here are what could be your actions.

1 Create your first product – no product, no sales, no business.

2 Write the email campaign for that first product, for when people join your list.

3 Create the squeeze page and freebie related to that first product.

4 Attract traffic to the squeeze page by your valuable content. Have a content strategy to engage people to look forward to your content and even search it out.  Use various channels across the web where you know your target market goes. At some point send them to your squeeze page to build your list.

5 Create a sales funnel of products about the same niche topic, and increasing in detail and depth, and maybe access to you.

Thinking and planning must occur before action, otherwise it’s action without purpose or direction.

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