Internet Marketing Tips

by Joe Fuller

These 3 internet marketing tips are fundamental to the success of your online information business. That is, they’re not just basic. It’s more like they’re the foundation of your business, just like a house can’t be built without getting its foundations right. Of course, they’re part of your preparation before you even start setting up your business with its website and autoresponder. You have to do some thinking and planning before you move onto action. That action is then much easier because you know what you’re aiming to do and, most importantly, what you need to do to get there. This second part is where people often get stuck.They can go round in circles trying to work out what exactly is the first thing they should do.

Internet marketing tips – 1

We’re talking here about an online information business – the clue is in the word “information”. Actually a better word might be knowledge, and an even better one expertise. But we’ll stick with information as its common parlance. The clue is that you must have that information which others are looking for and are willing to buy from you. It may be that what you have knowledge and experience of is in a very small niche or sub-sub-niche. That doesn’t matter if your information has value for enough others willing to pay for it. However, and this is a fundamental mistake made by people entering online business, you do have to know enough.

What is enough? First, ask yourself if you could write 100 articles about your niche. Second, even if you can write those articles, can you be prolific in creating products and go to enough depth? If you think you don’t yet know enough information, then you can learn it on and off the web. Just give yourself a certain amount of time to do so, and then look at your readiness in this area again.

Internet marketing tips – 2

Once you know enough information, devise a strategy to re-purpose your content into various forms and to place it in different places across the internet. But first, think about your website or blog. Put your content on there first so it’s identified as yours by the search engines. In fact, aim to make your website an authority one.

Once you’ve placed a piece of content on your site, have a system of working whereby you convert or use that content in different ways. If you’re writing articles like this one, convert it to: slide presentations, excerpts on Facebook and other sites, Twitter announcements, videos, mp3s, mind maps, diagrams, or whatever else that fits your niche and you’re willing to work on. Where you place these is key as you want to place them in front of as of many prospects as possible. So, find out where they go online and plan to put your content there.

Internet marketing tips – 3

Without products to sell you can’t make any money. If you can only think of one product to create, you probably need to go back to learning more about your niche, including with more depth. You should be able to list many ideas for products and many possible detailed ideas for each product. Aim to create a product a month or even a week. See what sells best in your niche. You can use text, audio or video.

Also, don’t think of single products but think of creating a sales funnel. Choose a needed topic in your niche and create 3 or 4 products that lead on from each other in more depth or with more access to you in some way or both. If subscribers are interested in your free stuff in emails and elsewhere, a percentage will buy from you.

3 fundamental internet marketing tips, then, of expertise, valuable content, and valuable products. Get these right and you have the foundation for everything else.

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