Effective Internet Marketing Strategies For Content

by Joe Fuller

Effective internet marketing strategies for content are vital to your online information business. You need to see your whole business as operating through one grand strategy which is made up of other sub-strategies. The key one is the creation and development of your content, and how you use it. You also need strategies for getting leads, converting those to subscribers and converting those subscribers to customers. Also, part of the content strategy is creating products.

Your content proves to prospects and customers that you are credible and that you can help them in your niche.  Provide them with what they want and need. You can find this out by seeing where your target market goes online and noting what they’re asking about, seeking answers to, and are wanting to achieve or solve.

Effective internet marketing strategies for content – your main site

Have a central site of some sort where you place your main content first. It’s best to update this every day. Your content need not be articles but could be in any format that right for you and your niche. For instance, you might present content as video or slides.

Effective internet marketing strategies for content – distribution

Don’t just leave that content on your main site. Now you can use it to attract traffic  and links. Transform it into various other formats, such as PDFs, courses, mind maps, guest posts, social media posts. Place it where your audience goes and/or from where you can get or create links back to your main site. Spread the content around, adjusting it in some way. For example, putting excerpts onto Facebook. Inter-link these pieces of content so people can explore what you provide. Build trust and credibility. Also, link to your squeeze page or main site to have them join your list.

Effective internet marketing strategies for your freebie

Make sure your freebie, or cheap $1 product, they get for signing up is just as valuable to them as anything else they’ve seen of yours. Your freebie must not be hit and miss: you decide what it will be by the topic and products you’ve created for your sales funnel. It might be free but give them information that enlightens them about the niche or their problem in it and/or help them to achieve some action they’re anxious to get done.

Effective internet marketing strategies for your products

Choose a topic for your sales funnel which prospects want to know about, and might even be desperate about. As they make their way through the funnel as customers, they get more detail and deeper understanding and effects to do with the topic. The more access they have to you in some way, the higher the price you can charge – you only have so much time available to you.

Whatever form your content takes and however deep it goes into a topic it needs to provide value to your audience in your niche through greater understanding and effective actions to take.