Internet Marketing Home Business

by Joe Fuller

An internet marketing home business can be in any niche, it’s just that you’re using online marketing to persuade people to the actions you want them to take, such as becoming a subscriber to your list or buying your product. The big problem new marketers  have in setting up a home business is that they mistake internet marketing. They usually think it’s a set of techniques or tactics they string together to produce money at the end. Or worse, that there’s one special technique, maybe from a special offer they’ve acquired, that will produce the results. But they’re starting at the wrong end of the business building process.

They should be starting with their business strategy. That’s presuming they already know what they’ll sell, what niche they’re in and who their target market is. The strategy defines what you need to do to get the business to a certain point, and what actions you need to take to get it there.

Internet marketing is not one thing. But a set of inter-related processes making up your business systems. Think of your business as one big system. You need systems for: generating leads, converting those to subscribers, converting those to customers, creating products to sell to customers, and creating sales funnels on separate topics in your niche.

Here’s a thought. Think of something you do on a regular basis, maybe every day. What would it be like if every time you went to take that action you had to start from square one. How frustrating would that be? Let’s say it’s driving your car to your place of work. You know you use it to get there but when you sit in it every day, you have to start all over remembering how to drive. You try different things for changing gear, moving it around, and eventually get it onto the road, learning as you go along. Not a good scenario.

On the other hand, someone who knows exactly how to drive that specific car to get to where they want to go, can do all the actions almost without thinking. They know what to do because they’ve done it before and been through various experiences. They have a systematic way of doing things, though they might not think of it that way.

So, for example, what’s the best way in your niche to convert visitors to subscribers to your list? You have a squeeze page with a free gift. But not any old free gift. This page is the start of your sales funnel. The free gift is on the same topic as the sales funnel products. You found out which topic was best to offer products on by asking visitors to your site, asking subscribers, and finding out what people want from forums, blogs, ezines and other places. For instance, if you were in the gardening niche and you found that the most popular topic people want information on was how to grow  prize dahlias, your free gift would be about that. Even if it’s an outline of your main ideas in your first funnel product. If they find it valuable to them, they’re more likely to buy your first product and those that follow – providing if they do the actions laid out that they get the results they want and you promise.

You need a system worked out by you for each of the main parts of your business. Once you have something that works, you can leave it on autopilot while you work on something else. There’s nothing complicated about it, once you have it set up. In fact, the simpler you can keep it, the better.