Online Marketing Strategy

by Joe Fuller

You have to be an internet marketing strategist no matter what niche you’re in. It’s an integral part of your online business.

This article goes through the main areas of devising your strategy for your business online. Later articles look at the areas in more detail. The big picture, into which everything fits, is important. Before you start, make sure you do have the right mindset for what you want to do, including a positive attitude that you can maintain together with the determination to see it through.

1 Your core values

As an internet marketing strategist, your whole strategy is based on what you think is most valuable in your life and business. These are the same values which you will use to start, build and run your business. So ensure you’ve gone through and analysis of your values as to what you think must guide your actions in your business. These are qualities you want to build into it, and never see cut across or removed from it.

2 What is the purpose of your business?

Being an internet marketing strategist fundamentally means you know why your business exists and where you want it
to end up if it’s to achieve its purpose. It’s something it will never fully attain in perfection but stands as a symbol of
that ideal condition. Needless to say, your purpose comes from your values: what is it you want ideally to achieve?

3 Set your goal

Set out a large and stretching goal which is of prime importance in getting to your purpose and which acts out, or fulfills, your values. This must be exciting enough for you to generate the energy to keep up your effort to reach it. Make it so compelling for you, you cannot resist doing it. For example, it could be actually starting your business in its initial phase until it reaches a certain level of traffic to your site. Give the goal a time limit, being realistic as to what needs to be done. Once you reach the goal, you can then set another one in order to take you further.

4 Internet marketing strategist self-assessment

This is easier than it sounds. Simply, look at what your, and the business’s, strengths and weaknesses are in terms of reaching that goal. An instance might that if you’re working alone, is your use time a strength or a weakness for you. This is usually a key quality in this situation, so if it’s a weakness with you, then how can you overcome it, improve it, or balance it out? What tasks could you cut out or out-task? Play to your strengths where you can, such as your experience, knowledge, skills you know you can be successful with. Especially, see if you can find anything unique to the business that you can use.

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