3 Online Marketing Tips

by Joe Fuller

What are the 3 most important elements you must have in your online information business to get it to succeed, and have your online marketing work?

We’re looking at just starting an online business. This presumes stuff such as strategy planning, sorting out your business values and what market you’re actually in, have already been done.

What now do you need in the structure of the business? These are three parts, elements, and not steps. So, you might set these up at different times. For instance, decide whether you will begin to get subscribers before you create any products, or create the products first and then gather subscribers. You’ll come across this decision point anyway, so you may as well decide before you get going taking action.

1 Know your target prospects

You might know the market you’re in, even what exact sub-niche, but you might find you have to go narrower or wider in some way. You must be able to answer these questions:

What exactly do I sell?

What problem do I solve in the market?

Once you answer those questions, you know you’re aiming at people in the niche with that problem, who want that solution in your product. Create and place your content with your answers in mind, and engage with that audience in forums or wherever they gather looking for information.

You can create your first product now, or wait until you have enough target market subscribers on your list. (See below)

2 Have an email campaign

That is, use your email sequence strategically. Don’t send a few friendly emails or make one offer after another until people get fed up with it.

The following presumes you haven’t yet created your product. But you don’t need to. At first send several emails reinforcing your credibility with more valuable content in your emails and links to other valuable content at other places. This builds trust too as they find information related to their problem and the niche in general.

Then, either introduce the topic of the first product you intend to create or in 2 or 3 emails ask them what product they want from you. Or you can set up a survey asking for more details. You might also exchange emails with some subscribers who respond in order to dig deeper into the problem and solutions they want. You might be surprised to find there are some who have wants and needs they didn’t realize. You can use a combination of these methods or more.

The important point is to get input from subscribers. As soon as you have just some information you can start creating the product, part of the way through this process. Alter to improve it, make it more specifically targeted as you find out more exact information.

If it’s a course, or multi-part product, write the sales page, give a link to it, even before you’ve finished it. Just make sure it does solve their problem as asked about.

3 Create the product first

Before you start to get subscribers, choose to create a product about the whole niche or the most important part of it. It must be valuable to customers. That is, it must either give actions they can take and that will benefit them, particularly about a main problem in the niche. Or increases their understanding, not simply knowledge, of the niche, so they are in a better position to succeed in it. Or it’ll do both.

Cover all the main areas of the niche. Give as much of your information as you can. Use this as your entry product to your sales funnel. Then, use you email campaign as in the second tip, including getting information and ideas from them or not. It would work this way, in that sense, just as well.

Those are the three tips. You can see how your content, email sequences, and your products are locked in together. People get confused about their relationship – they want a step by step method. But there are different ways of taking action on and inter-relating all three, not one perfect method.