3 Online Marketing Courses Criteria For Success

by Joe Fuller

Online marketing courses vary in subject and quality. There’s no one standard course, so when you’ve been through it you will know and can do everything. Nothing can give you that – you have to do it, just the same as if you were on a college course on physics or plumbing. You’re the one who does the work for that course, including the necessary actions and the learning. This is the case no matter whether you pay $10,000  or $27.

Here are 3 criteria by which to assess whether  online marketing courses are worth your money and time.

1 They must be relevant to you and where you are in your online marketing experience and learning. This might seem obvious. But it’s amazing how many people join courses, sometime paying hefty fees, and they’re on an inappropriate one for them.

If you’re just starting out, with the main question in your head being: “What do I do first?”, any online marketing courses on expensive traffic methods are probably not for you. On the other hand, if you’re already making $10,000 a month, you don’t necessarily want the starter’s solution explained to you  – although there’s always something new to learn, of course. But it’s probably not what you’re after at the moment.

Brainstorm what you think you need to know next and be as specific as you can. Maybe you need to know how to scale your present business, you feel stuck, and are worried about making a move that could be wrong for you. Go deeper asking questions about your feelings, thoughts, motivations and what place exactly you want the business to be in after another year. Exactly which parts or aspects of the business need to develop and how, in order to get there? State them precisely. This helps decide which course is most relevant for you.

2 People buy PDFs and home study courses, and so on, because they can’t afford, or don’t want to pay for, coaching. A key criteria for choosing between online marketing courses, is how close a course gets you to the coach or person running it or who created it.
Let’s see:

one on one coaching gets you nearest

a course with a regular meeting with a coach, in a group or singly, means you can ask questions

a recorded course by the coach, with some email or other access

a recorded course

a written course

Then, really you’re into products again.

The more there is direct access to the coach, even if it’s a recording, the better it will probably be. Of course, it depends on the coach too and/or how well they do that particular course.

3 The more feedback you can give to the course, and the more feedback you can get from the coach, the better.

You could  be able to ask questions live, later, or by email, or some other method. The point is that you can interact and do so on specific points, not generalizations.

Any online marketing courses that provide homework of any sort based on the sessions is a way of ensuring you move forward in understanding and action. If your business has not been progressed by actions based in the course, it’s not worth much to you, unless the ideas are very high level that you will be able to action later on.

So,  being directly relevant to you and your business, having as much access to the coach as possible, and being able to both interact and take action, are the 3 criteria for choosing between online marketing courses.