Online Marketing Secrets

by Joe Fuller

Online marketing “secrets” are 2 a penny. Here are 3 of them you must know and act on before you start your online information business.

Let’s get straight into them.

Secret 1: Play to your strengths as an expert in your niche

If you don’t do this you’ll find yourself losing interest and simply getting more and more frustrated as you can’t get done what you wanted to – maybe because you’re not really interested in the first place.

This means, of course, you have to find what your interests are. Unfortunately, most people don’t. They just make presumptions. You have to be an expert in your niche in order to be able to create content and products, or be willing to learn to become an expert.

How can you get a clearer and more objective idea of what your strengths are?

Here’s 2 ways.

One is to ask people who know you what they think you’re really good at. You (and they) might not want to ask them directly face to face, so you could ask them to email you or tell you over the phone or privately on FaceBook or similar. However they do it, you can let them stand back and give them time to think if they need to.

You’re not asking whether you should start an online business or not – that’s your decision – but what strengths (or real interests) in skills and knowledge you have to be successful with them.

Second, look into yourself and remember times when you found something really easy – in fact, others might have said how difficult it was for them even though you found no real problems with it.

The method you use isn’t really important. The point is to avoid diving into a business where you lack the needed strengths and expertise, which only leads to failure.

More importantly, in a sense, you ARE your business – its style, ways of operating, its products will reflect who you are. Even though your selling exactly the same types of products as someone else, you’ll be differentiated from them because of your uniqueness.

Secret 2: What will your business look like?

You must think ahead – project your imagination into the future when your business is completely where you want it to be.

What business are you in? What products or services are you selling? Who are your customers? What Earnings Per Customer or Subscriber are you getting?

How do you decide what products to sell? How do you delver them?How do create relationships with customers so they trust you? How do you persuade them to buy more?

Do some listing or mind mapping of the different elements of your particular business – the successful business you want. If you can’t imagine it and do some simple analysis of what it is and how it works, you probably won’t reach it.

First, choose a sub-niche of a very big niche. For example, if you try to cover all the areas in Health, you’ spread yourself too far. With  a sub-niche of this, you’ll still have a big market but a more focused one.

Second, it’s crucial you find out what your customers and prospects want. Go to wherever your prospects go, such as forums, and makes notes about what questions they have about your niche, and any problems they have in it. These are you product ideas.

Third, can you imagine reaching the end where you want your business to be? If so, what will you want to do at that point? Are you aiming to sell it? Step back for someone else to manage it leaving you free to have creative input? Or just keep developing it?

Secret 3: Think and act strategically

Most people don’t (a big reason they fail) but just take action hoping for the best. They might buy a special offer product hoping it’ll be the one to get them on the road to success. The problem is they’ll simply be a set of tactics, for example, for getting to the top of Google, or attracting more traffic, or creating hot products. Unless you have a plan for a real business, you have no structure for a business, and no positive pattern of work. Often, of course, such special offers are only of use temporarily as well. For instance, Google spots the loophole being used and closes it or ignores sites that are using it.