Success in your online marketing for your online information business

Website – You Need Your Own

Are you planning to have an online business? If so, you need to be a part of the online world. Just like the offline world, if you need land as a site on which to create a building, online you need a site. Having one main site means it can be your business headquarters.

6 reasons to have a website.

First, it gives a basis for and builds your brand name through the domain name. It’s unique to you and your business. Borrowing or paying for someone else’s website space puts you beneath their brand, probably hidden away.

Second, whatever you put on your site is your, and only your, decision. That includes how you organize it and display it for visitors. It’s unique to you.

Third, when you market your products you want that marketing to send people to your own site, and not, for example, just to an email address. Also, if you’re using some else’s web space for marketing, it benefits the owner of that space. In any case, too, to make money from others’ marketing, you need it to be on your site.

Fourth, it’s much easier to do search engine optimization on and in relation to a site you own. You choose you keywords and content structure.

Fifth, you choose your own hosting service. On top of which, you’re in charge of what autoresponder you use, and any tools to have on the site.

Sixth, you can do what you like for building your list. On another site, you might be hampered by their rules.

Basically, it’s your business you operate through the website. Otherwise, you’re helping another marketer’s business.

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Sales Funnel – You Need One

The shape of a funnel describes the way of going about selling your products. You get most people into the top of your funnel where it’s the widest, then as they go down the narrowing funnel their numbers get less and less as fewer and fewer people buy a product. Your sales pages and other sales methods disqualify those people unlikely to buy from you anyway at that stage in the funnel.

You want as many people as possible to get to the end of the funnel having bought as many products as possible, including high ticket ones. You want as consistent a profit as possible as people reach the end of it. Therefore, you want to have them go through as fast as possible at a speed that will provide you with that level of profit. The funnel also has to have enough products so that can happen, and that you can keep them going from one product to the next. You don’t necessarily need a long funnel with masses of products. There could, for example, be just 3 of them but priced so you make your final profit, and people can move through as quickly as possible while doing that.

Here’s what you need.

First, a stable number of people entering the funnel and so coming from stable sources of traffic.

Second, a means of converting them into customers, and moving them through the series of points in the funnel.

Third, for those who stop at one point, you need to be able to move them to another funnel for those who take longer to buy, where you take longer to convert them to customers.

Fourth, a way to track the speed of conversion to customers in each case, and to track them through the funnel.

To heighten sales, you need all of these elements. If you haven’t enough traffic, nothing or very little happens. If people go slowly through the funnel your conversion methods may be weak, and it’s costing you money while nobody buys. However, if you get rid of non-buyers too quickly you’re probably losing out on them as customers later on. This also increases your cost. Then, if you don’t track what’s happening you cannot improve your sales methods, and you’re likely to have a few shocks come out of the blue.

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Sales Letter – Converting Visitors To Customers

The point of a sales letter is to convert any visitors to it into customers. Basically, the more conversions from sales letters you have, the more customers you have. It’s literally where your business is done and your profits are made.

There are 3 key things you have to work on. One is your list if you’re sending visitors from there or your audience if you’re sending from an ad or content. Second is what your product offer is. Third, is how you present that offer. In just about any sales letter you have to work on these three elements.

To make all that work, you have to ensure you’re sending targeted visitors otherwise you’ll mostly have people not specifically interested in your offer. You want people looking for your solution to their problem. From your list, segment those who have shown an interest in this type of offer, and with your ads and/or content have them focus on how your product solves a specific problem.

The offer itself is probably the prime key factor, as it depends how you frame it. If you can give money off the normal price, that’s more attractive than trying to sell at the higher price. Or a one year guarantee ism ore tempting than one for one month . Or 2 for the price of 1 significant products will likely get more sales than a straight one product offer. The offer is like the springboard to action for the customer.

At the time of writing, there are claims that video on sales letters lifts sale rates. There are also claims for different types of images, and use of different colors. You need to test what works best for you. Check out what your competition is doing consistently over time.

In fact, test all the 3 elements to see which gives you the best results. Do so until you come to the most effective combination of elements for your market.

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Build Your List – Opt In List Building

When you use an opt in page to build your list, make sure your visitors know that they will be sent emails by you. Most people understand this now. But you don’t want anyone complaining of being spammed – some people do forget that they signed up. This is probably because they only see the freebie you offer. Tell them to look out for your next emails to them after they have the freebie.

To get traffic to your opt in page, use search engines to list your site for keywords in your niche that you’ve used in posts and other content. Also use any or all forms of content to have people click your links because they found the content useful to them. That way they want to find more from you. It also gives you backlinks to your site.

For traffic, you can use joint ventures too. This is where you market someone else’s related product and they market yours. You both send the offers to your lists. In the emails include a link to a sales page and where you also have an opt in page. That way you each get subscribers from the other’s list.

Alternatively, you can set up your own affiliate program through which other marketers agree to market your product in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. Any sales you get this way are a bonus, as you would not have had the sale without that affiliate doing the work for you. Just make sure that you get the buyer’s email address added to your list.

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Content Marketing For Your Website Traffic

If you only focus on creating your content and forget about the person accessing it, you can leave a lot to be desired for a piece of informative or motivating content. In videos, a slow-stop delivery will have watchers clicking away, especially if you have long pauses leaving the viewer wondering what’s going on. But almost all content will have some place for text, a perfect place to leave awkward spellings or misuse of word meanings. Sometimes the content is so good, people aren’t too bothered about it. But if you’re not giving them brilliantly unique content, people will notice and pick up on such mistakes. So, you or someone else need to check spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember that just about everybody makes mistakes anyway.

You’re content can’t be perfect but people expect someone claiming to know their subject will be less prone to them – unless you’re so far ahead as to be unique, and then you’ll probably be forgiven almost anything. Aim to not lose traffic through simple errors.

To ensure people consume your content, have an attractive and compelling title. However, it must also clearly be about the actual content. Put your keyword in the title. You can also put it in your link to be clicked but vary links too, even without the keyword.

Of course, you have to create lots of content to get traffic from it. One or two pieces will probably have no effect.

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Build A List – What And Why

You need a list for your online business. Without one you make it more difficult for yourself to develop your business.

Don’t know what a list is? Usually, it’s a collection of email addresses, but it could be a community online or some other way of communicating with people about your business. You can keep in touch with them regularly with products for sale and with information to educate about your niche, provide useful ideas, and to sell your products.

To collect email addresses have an opt in page with a form on it for visitors to fill in with their name and email. Usually, they receive a freebie in return, such as access to a free course or membership, or to download software or a PDF.

Ok, but what’s the point of doing this? A key element is to get people to visit your site, that is website traffic. One of the hardest things to do is get traffic, and especially targeted traffic, to your site. If you don’t have traffic you you will not make sales , and so won’t have a business.

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Marketing With Articles – Creating An Article

First, choose the topic you’ll write about, and then create a title to fit that topic. Whatever keywords you’ve decided on using, use the main one in your title. The title is important as it’s the first thing someone sees usually, and tells them what the article is about. Keep it accurate as to what is in the article. Also, keep the title short if you can so it gives the focus of your content.

Second, create your article. Make it as long as fits the topic you’re writing about. Put your keyword near the beginning. Ignore percentage usage of keywords. Instead, write naturally about your topic. Having a keyword too many times in the article will be penalized by the search engines. However, where needed use words and phrases related to your keyword but not the exact keyword.

Third, place your links in your article. You can put links into the body of the article but this can be distracting. You want people to read through all of it to the end. Instead of having a conclusion paragraph, take the reader straight to where they can click to go to your site, or wherever you want them to be sent. Either provide the whole URL to click, or an anchor text related to where it links to.

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Ebook – Spread Your Links In Your Ebook

Even in these days of videos and webinars, it’s still a useful tool to have an ebook of your own. As well as selling it, you can also use it to market your products and website. Ebooks can be packed with valuable information and you have no problem downloading them. They can be spread around as many people as you like, and can be sent easily by email.

You want to give the reader as good information as you can but you can also have other reasons for creating one. Have that reason clear in your mind. Maybe you literally only want to give out the information. But you might also want to generate some revenue because people read through, and not just from selling it. In fact, you could give away the ebook and still make money from the contents.

Your ebook might be about, for example, traffic generation. Hopefully, it will contain advice people can actually put into action. However, you can also recommend products that will be useful to them in generating traffic. You include links to those products at the appropriate places, including back to your site.

If you’re recommending affiliate products then your affiliate link is in the links. You get a percentage of the ale price if someone buys a product. Give the book to your list and allow them to use it as a free gift to others.

You aim for your ebook to be passed around as many people as possible, all with your links in them. However, if you sell the ebook it’s information might be different and your recommendations could vary.

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Email Marketing – Getting Emails Opened

You need to know how to create an email series, whether you’re marketing through it or simply maintaining communication with your list. That is, your emails have to be looked at and read, not immediately closed after the first sentence.

Not every spam email ends up in spam folders. Spammers obviously want to avoid that happening. Even if it’s not directly spam, many emails that people receive are of no real use to them. So, unless it looks of some value to them, people will never read it through. Therefore your subject line must be so attractive to your subscriber that they feel they must at least open the email.

When you’re email marketing, when no-one reads your emails you don’t make any money.

Use the subject line to include the subscriber’s name. Simply because their name is there, many people will feel the need to have a look at the email.

We all like to see our name so that the email is addressing us personally.

When someone opts in to your list they add their name in the sign up form on the opt in page. Your autoresponder adds that name into you list. You send an email out to that list and the autoresponder checks the first names, and has some kind of short code such as “first name” which it replaces with the subscriber’s name.

You can do this for the subject line or in the text of the email, adding the person’s name where it’s most effective for your message.

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Traffic And Ranking With Links

When you get a link back to your site you want it to be a link from at least an equally valued site, and preferably from an authority or high ranked site in your niche. Also, it’s much better if the link to your site is one way. That is, you are not linking to that site. If the search engines think you’re up to some rank back patting with other sites, you could lose out completely.

However, you do want clear internal links between posts and pages in your own site. WordPress themes will link back and forward between posts, though usually in a limited way. Nevertheless you don’t want too much internal linking going on. The search engine crawlers find it confusing if there is too much. Ensure there’s a link back to your home page from each page. If you use a silo organization then only have links between pages within a silo (where pages are on the same topic or category). This makes it much easier for search engines to crawl your site when there is a clear organization.

For building links yourself, content marketing means you can add links into the content and at the end. You get a unique backlink to your site. The more content you create and publish, the more links you get.

The ideal is having a site link to you without being asked for. The more of these you have, the more the search engines will see your site as an authority one in your niche. They will see this as being helpful to customers.and visitors.

Work out a link method and build on it as time goes on.

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